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Game player Story: win one hundred million monthly joy beans on his family Tencent 2016 Landlords Landlords Championship (TDT) season tournament on August 21st -22 in Sichuan Chengdu, the final bonus of up to 300 thousand yuan, after the selection of three months, more than 100 players qualify from the five channels through the two days of competition will decide the final the champion. "Hand card is not my strengths, thugs to draw a card, this is my first time to play, not out of my level, I fight landlord are using a mobile phone." Li Zhaoyun stressed that he was the main reason for being eliminated. A game of 3450 points, had two bombs, for the fifth round of the match, Li Zhaoyun was a wave away, end their landlords in the Tencent (TDT) championship season tournament journey. Shortly after the beginning of the Li Zhaoyun game, the reporter noted that the first row of the table on the table of the players, the hand appears to be more difficult card, the mouth is not too many words. See the reporter to take pictures of him, Li Zhaoyun is very coordinated with the lens revealed a smile. I am also the old Landlords Landlords game player, played for more than 9 years, the game played 30 to tens of thousands, my joy beans account in a dozen billion." For their landlords level, Li Zhaoyun very confident. Landlords, playing games accounted for 70% of the proportion of technology accounted for 30%. Daily win happy beans, technology accounted for 70%, luck accounted for 30%." It is hard to imagine, in front of the hands and feet are not very flexible landlords master unexpectedly is the father of three children, WeChat, his name is "a family man," this is my first time online by WeChat to give a player to do the interview. "I am Fujian, I’m not polio, when I was a child, everything is normal, speak, and activities are no problem. 8 year old fever, to the clinic injections, may be hit to the nerve…… I have three children are normal, my son super handsome, because Li Zhaoyun is not very convenient to speak, the reporter decided to do this interview by WeChat. "Originally I wanted to call my friends to come to the competition, but the organizers said I need to participate in the competition, I came over, the train from Fuzhou to sit for a long time." To participate in the next game, the majority of the players are very relaxed, but for Li Zhaoyun is not the case, the journey together with the game will take him nearly a week’s time. "Chengdu has never been, my wife thought the game is also using a mobile phone to play, so she was very supportive of my trip to Chengdu competition, I never played poker playing catch, this is the first time." Tencent Landlords game championship season field "this is my live, I live in the Pearl joy landlords, room number is 1277115, the mainstay TV host challenge to win the championship, I came to Chengdu for the TDT season tournament." Li Zhaoyun is a strength of the anchor, because the speech is not convenient, he was in the live broadcast by typing and friends. "I can live for about 7 hours a day, go to work during the day, live in the evening, and I live on all the fights." Hear here, told reporters he joked: "7 hours a day of the landlords, it seems that you are a juvenile addiction?" "I’m not addiction, that I.相关的主题文章: