Give the crowded life a little freedom 700bike Galaxy folding car evaluation-isobuster

To live a little crowded free 700bike the Milky Way folding car evaluation evaluation mission the penguin has become rotten street strong feelings of vocabulary, but we still can not ignore the feelings of the people for the pursuit of. The bicycle is accompanied by 80 I have been best friend from middle school to university, remember the father put the variable-speed bicycle onto the front of me when I felt is the happiest child in the world, because I finally have my own bike. But as a result of the work, the bicycle gradually disappeared from my view, although the heart had wanted to buy a bike, but for various reasons or give up. Only one day on the Internet by chance to see a video ad 700bike, let me re ignite the desire to buy a bike, but also to the 700bike brand interest. Although 700bike is a growing brand, but because of his love for Zhang Xiangdong was hit by a bicycle, my feelings, so after a period of concern and understanding, that the Milky Way 700bike folding car has a compact, convenient, space saving, in line with the characteristics of human engineering and intelligent design, so a 700bike of the Milky Way folding bicycle, hope that through this car folding car can let me find the joy of riding past. The initial cardiac 700bike surprise before receiving the Milky Way 700bike once imagined it in my mind whether the assembly is simple and convenient, whether you need to borrow a lot of external tools, just when I come full of illusions all kinds of difficulties, the Milky Way 700bike gave me a big surprise, that it is not my assembly, but in a corrugated box in the front of me, here omitted unpacking process (with the package also comes with a set of tools, convenient assembly and use) directly remove the packing, ride out yo. 700bike buy the Milky Way folding bike is the original intention of seeing has a very visual impact, the first half of the Milky Way 700bike frame, front fork and head tube adopts a process and integrated development of 3D Aluminum Alloy thick tube type forging design, this design has the advantage of using high temperature and high pressure, a whole Aluminum Alloy, drawing and forging hydraulic fine milling, the integrated internal and external material, than the general 2D CNC, forging or bore molding higher strength and lightweight. 700bike LOGO at the front frame of the head tube of the German red dot award marks, this product reflects the international reputation of 3D forging integrated head tube also has a teardrop shaped type seat tube, hidden folding buckle, break beam frame, no lower fork design, extensive use of integrated forging parts, so that the Milky Way 700bike in appearance looks very modern sense of science and technology. Hidden folding clasp and the German red dot design award at LOGO under the fork body design the forging design of Wellgo folding foot because 700bike is the Milky Way folding car and need to add intelligent modules, so there is no way to adjust the head tube, this may bring inconvenience to the users are relatively high, although the Milky Way nominal 160-190 can ride height but the actual situation also.相关的主题文章: