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Gold rescue time more than half the number of landslides in Zhejiang lost to 23 people – Sohu news September 29th shooting in Lishui City, Suichang City, Su village landslide disaster site. At 17:30 on September 28th Xu, Zhejiang, Lishui, north of the town of the Soviet Union in the north of the village landslide disaster occurred in the village of. The five mobilized more than 330 troops, 134 sets of heavy machinery and equipment and professional life rescue equipment starry night rush to the disaster area. Oriental IC CNR network Lishui on September 30th news Chinese according to the voice of "news" reported that the typhoon "catfish", No. 28 in the evening, Su Cun Bei Jie Zhen Zhejiang city of Lishui province Suichang County landslide disasters, disaster has caused 4 people were killed and 23 people are still lost. At present, public security, armed police, fire and rescue teams from all walks of life are still trying to rescue. To participate in the rescue of the scene of the rescue team of the national team Zhejiang team captain Xu Lijun said that the rescue is very difficult. First, the overall collapse of the amount is very large, 400 thousand cubic meters of collapse; second, the height of the landslide is particularly high, the top of the mountain collapsed above the height of 700 meters, the gap of 300 meters, down to the village below 400 meters. So the impact force is very large, very narrow work surface, and very small; third, the Su village have a rural road, usually two car rendezvous is no problem, but a large excavator to enter the scene, the car will excavator oil security into the scene. Itself two days rescue workers and very much, resulting in limited traffic, some logistical support materials, the arrival of relief supplies caused some difficulties. At present, the "golden 72 hours" rescue time has passed, Xu Lijun pointed out that the rescue operation "for the day" to the people, is in the "golden 72 hours" rescue period, uninterruptedly, mainly to large mining equipment mainly carried out mining work at these points above. The original title of the "Zhejiang landslide in Suichang, there are still 23 people lost contact with the rescue team to search and rescue"相关的主题文章: