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Google was Snapchat: Google shareholders capital disclosure which holds shares of Google and Snapchat figure: Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 5th news, according to foreign media reports, Alphabet investment arm of Google capital (Google Capital) Friday announced renamed CapitalG, released at the same time hold social applications Snapchat shares. Google capital did not disclose the timing of investment in Snapchat, and the proportion of ownership. Google spokesman Winnie King confirmed that Snapchat is one of Google capital investment company, but declined to comment. Snapchat spokesman said no comment on financing information. Google capital was founded in 2014, focused on investing in more mature companies. The company said in its official website, the goal is to carry out in the world’s leading companies to (capital) return as the driving force of investment". In addition to Snapchat, Google capital has invested Airbnb, Glassdoor and SurveyMonkey. Another Google venture investment company owned by Alphabet (Google Ventures) focus on start-ups, have invested in Uber and Nest, the latter has been Google in 2014 to spend $3 billion 200 million acquisition. Google capital investment for Alphabet closer relationship with Snapchat provides the possibility that the latter is currently interested in several areas of Alphabet expansion. Snapchat is a social media field of a rising star, and social has been Google’s weakness. Snapchat recent Spectacles glasses into the field of hardware. This product is similar to Google glasses, although the latter has failed at the consumer level. Snapchat is now planning an initial public offering (IPO) market, is expected to be one of the most popular technology industry IPO since Facebook, the value of up to $35 billion. Google capital investment for Alphabet to participate in this capital feast provides tickets. Snapchat has recently changed the company name to Snap, has so far more than 2 billion U.S. dollars financing. Its shareholders include Alibaba, YAHOO and fidelity. (compile sail)相关的主题文章: