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The government environmental accountability and more strict environmental protection — — newspaper Shanghai on 29 September,     (reporter Li Yi) 28 reporters from the Shanghai municipal government held a press conference was informed that the newly revised "Shanghai Environmental Protection Ordinance" clearly nine subject of accountability of government departments, violate any of them to be accountable, causing serious consequences, the main person in charge should resign. Will be officially implemented from October 1st a new version of the "Shanghai Environmental Protection Ordinance" to government departments listed nine accountability reasons include: administrative license conditions do not meet the approval of the administrative license; to cover up environmental violations; shall be ordered to stop production, limited production without a decision made in accordance with the law; to exceed the standard by causing environmental accidents the discharge of pollutants and avoid the discharge of pollutants and the regulatory approach and implement measures to protect the environment ecological damage caused by such acts, found or not timely receipt of the report of investigation; not implemented seized or detained in accordance with the regulations, if the circumstances are serious; tampering, forgery or instigate tampering, forgery monitoring data should be in accordance with the law; without public disclosure of environmental information and; the sewage charges levied interception, misappropriation or diversion; other violations of the provisions of laws and regulations As. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 30 August (12 Edition): Zi Rui, Shi Yaqiao early commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: