Guangdong to end a battle with a match point need to unload the burden back in Shandong-9c8996

Guangdong to end a battle with a match point need remove the burden of Shandong against Guangdong team can end the first round of the playoffs third suspense CBA done in one vigorous effort and Guangdong Lu war continues tonight in Dongguan, the big score 2:0 lead Hongyuan has been holding a match point, if we can win again tonight, will advance to the semi-finals of success. Relying on efficient defense and more offensive even under the two cities, the Southern China tigers still need to qualify for the final effort. The first two tigers 14 finals, respectively 14 points, 19 points to the winner, the Shandong team offensive has been targeted restrictions in the case of Jeter Beasley, two foreign aid, domestic players did not show their strength, Saikuang not much ups and downs, Hongyuan take more initiative. Especially in the end of World War II, the Southern China tiger attack feeling hot, Diogo, Zhu Fangyu two people threw into the 13 three pointers, scored 20 game 4, the whole team obviously adjust more properly. One of the focus of foreign aid Carter now remains great. After the regular season to the final rounds of the playoffs, and the Shandong team met, this new aid was stable, beyond the first two points, a total of 15 assists, coach Du Feng said its recognition of, through the actual look and feel, Carter still need to find the best understanding with his teammates. The situation is not dominant, but definitely no suspense, to be eliminated on the edge of the Shandong team, who may not be unloaded in the evening, back feeling aside after pressure. Two consecutive, too dependent on Beasley Jeter’s style of play has been figured out thoroughly, the Shandong team is decisive for allergic aspect. Back before the two war, when the Southern China tigers leading, Shandong team also had to chase the moment, war in strong opponents counterattack, Hongyuan also exposed a fragment of lax, but rely on the timely adjustment of suspension arrangement, tonight the battle, to keep the attention focus, is obviously the most safe choice. The Hongyuan team reporter Wang Chenzheng   广东手握赛点盼终结战斗 需防山东卸下包袱反扑 广东队能否一鼓作气结束悬念   CBA季后赛首轮第三战的粤鲁大战今晚继续在东莞进行,大比分2:0领先的宏远已经手握赛点,如若今晚能够再度胜出,便将成功挺进四强。在依靠高效防守与多点进攻连下两城之后,华南虎此役仍需要为最终晋级努力。   前两场1 4决赛,宏远分别以14分、19分的优势胜出,山东队在比斯利、杰特两名外援进攻受到针对性限制的情况下,国内球员并没有展现出应有的实力,赛况并无多少起伏,宏远占据更多主动。特别是第二战,华南虎攻击端手感火热,迪奥古、朱芳雨两人就投进了13记三分球,全场比赛4人得分上20,全队整体状态显然调整地更为得当。   外援卡特眼下仍是宏远的焦点之一。经过常规赛最后几轮的适应,与山东队季后赛相遇,这名新援表现稳定,前两场得分之外,共完成15次助攻,主教练杜锋对其表示认可,通过实战寻找感觉,卡特仍需同队友们找到最好的默契。   形势占优,但并非决然没有悬念,到了被淘汰边缘的山东队,未尝没有可能不在今晚卸下包袱,在抛开压力之后重新找回感觉。连续两场过于依赖比斯利、杰特的打法已经被揣摩透彻,山东队是否果断求变应为看点。回溯前两场战局,当华南虎确立领先之后,山东队也都有过全力追击的瞬间,次战在对手反扑强烈时,宏远也暴露出了片段松懈的问题,好在依靠暂停布置及时调整,今晚决胜之战,保持全场注意力集中,显然是最为稳妥的选择。   本报宏远随队记者 王晨征相关的主题文章: