Guangxi Guanyang billion investment to build a new network construction in Xiangjiang, site of the b wh60a

Guangxi Guanyang billion investment to build Xiangjiang construction site of the battle of Red Tourism – Beijing Beijing in Guilin in September 24, (Zhao Linlu) occurred in the territory of Guanyang County in the northeast of Guangxi Xinxu battle "Red Army into the first battle of guangxi". Guanyang county Party Secretary Lu Guidi said that in recent years, and actively explore the local red cultural resources to collect site protection and renovation of historical relics, the county will invest 150 million yuan, the construction of the "battle of Xiangjiang Xinxu battle site?" series of red tourism projects. Currently completed investment about 40000000 yuan. Lu Guidi introduced, the project includes the maple foot site of the main battlefield repair, willow wells sanjuntuan Fifth Division headquarters and repair wine sea wells Red Army Martyrs Memorial expansion construction this year is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the red army. September 22nd to 23, organized by the Central Propaganda Department of the Party committee in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangxi media and media delegation came to Guanyang county. Pictured interview delegation in Tamura interview. Photo by Zhao Linlu it is understood that the three after Guanyang, toured more than and 400 villages, more than 6000 Red Army soldiers buried in the territory of Guanyang, 43 units were classified as "battle of Xiangjiang" series of national key cultural relics protection units, the county cultural relics collection of the red army reached more than and 100. In the battle of the main battlefield of Xinxu Frontier — Guanyang Maple Town foot village, in the construction of the museum zujizhan Xinxu shape is a pentagram, composed of six officers and soldiers of the Red Army image theme sculpture stands on the side. The exhibition hall is currently in the exhibition hall design, opening up. Now the maple foot red culture tourism village, highlighting the red culture, ecological leisure and tourism elements, every year attracts a large number of tourists to sightseeing. Maple villa boss Jiang Xiaohua said that in recent years the villagers engaged in tourism, revenue increased year by year. For the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Long March anniversary, they also specially launched the "red rice", including red Steamed Rice, pumpkin soup, wild herbs etc.. He believes that with the Guanyang red tourist routes mature, there will be more tourists to visit. The Red Army in dozens of villages via Guanyang, leaving the Red Army is its own army of workers and peasants "," the Red Army and the people are one family "thousand slogan. The Red Army Political Department in Guanyang Yuxi village the town ancestral hall made instructions on work "in the principle of" Yao Miao nationality. This is the first national work document issued since the Red Army Long March, an important blueprint for the implementation of the party’s national policy. Yuxi village has also become a "Long March of the Chinese workers’ and peasants’ Red Army Yao ethnic policy". Today, the village of Yuxi ancestral temple preserved, the village elders usually sit together at leisure hall. Over the eight year Wen Geng said, the Red Army here resides on the 5 day, when he was born soon, then listen to their parents about this period of history. "The most important thing is how the Red Army is here." Pictured Lu Junzhi old man pointed out the corner of the house hidden gun. Photo by Zhao Linlu in December 1934, the thirty-four division returned Hunan Red left more than and 60 rifles, via new Li Tian Cun Wei Zhen when dozens of pieces of hand grenades and hundreds of rounds, played in Guanyang during the Anti Japanese War and the liberation war)相关的主题文章: