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Guangxi high court president issued an open letter to encourage people to participate in the supervision of the implementation of the "difficult" – Beijing, Beijing, November 1 Nanning Xinhua (reporter Lin Hao) "at the Guangxi High Court has decided to November as the second" month ", focusing on the implementation of a number of major cases. We hope to participate in the implementation of the case, the demands of a timely manner; there is no effective judgment ruling, timely performance; there are clues and whereabouts of the property of the debtor, timely report." In November 1st, the Guangxi high court president Huang Ke said in a letter released to the community in the. Huang Ke the same day by a press conference issued an open letter on the Guangxi court, he encouraged people in the pursuit of report, report the material sent to the Executive Board of the case under the jurisdiction of the court, the people’s court proceedings or call 12368 service hotline, landing in Guangxi court of justice in sunshine network to reflect the Guangxi court will respond in a timely manner in accordance with the law. Huang Ke introduced the implementation to solve is a system engineering, over the years, the Guangxi court rulings in most of the cases, but difficult enforcement problems have not been fundamentally resolved. Since March this year, Guangxi courts unified action by "Laolai", will meet the conditions of the 33707 debtor included in the dishonest debtor list library, 412 "Laolai" was transferred to the public security organs shall be investigated for criminal responsibility, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, to enhance the credibility of the judiciary. However, Huang Ke said, at present, Guangxi within the scope of the implementation of difficult issues have not eradicated, in some cases the debtor hard to find, the property is the phenomenon is still prominent, the problem of difficult enforcement of judgments must rely on the strength of the whole society, to promote the formation of a powerful force to solve the implementation. Guangxi High Court of the executive secretary Liang Wenhua also pointed out at the press conference, the president of the high court for the implementation of the court issued a public letter to the whole society, it is the first time in the National High Court, is to mobilize the masses, weaving nets above and snares below nowhere to hide, so that old Lai, no regrets, no security, forced by the executor consciously perform effective judgments to determine the legal obligation. Liang Wenhua introduced since 2016, Guangxi courts at all levels to promote the implementation to solve the work has achieved initial results, as of October 20th, a total of 59895 cases of closed rulings, the number of year-on-year growth of 53.13%; but the Guangxi court still has more than 3.8 pending enforcement cases, basically solve the difficult execution still has a long way to go. Liang Wenhua said, then, the Guangxi court will focus on cleaning up implementation of pending cases involving people’s livelihood, involving land pending cases, party and government organs as the debtor’s outstanding cases, involving financial outstanding cases, long, long pending cases of petition cases of six kinds of difficult and complicated cases, influence of major cases involving response; the appeal seriously, do their utmost to implement the property search personnel, to maximize the cash in favor of the legitimate rights and interests of parties.相关的主题文章: