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Guangxi high-speed truck caught fire 300 live sheep "Roasted Whole Lamb" (Figure) – Sohu news February 15th at 4:48 in the morning, is located in the south of Guilin in Guangxi springs high speed towards the direction of Liuzhou Liuzhou east exit ten km distance, a truck tire carrying more than 300 live goat on fire. After receiving the alarm, Liu Dong fire brigade rushed to the scene to extinguish the fire. The accident caused no casualties, but 300 live goats had become "Roasted Whole Lamb", suffered heavy losses. Fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene of the accident, found a large truck loaded with live goats parked on the roadside, the fire site for the left rear tire of the truck. At this time the fire is in the stage of intense combustion and rapidly spread to the front part. High speed traffic police have taken the road closed control of the incident area, is strictly prohibited vehicle traffic. Fire officers and soldiers immediately laid water cannon positions to fight the fire, after more than half an hour of effort, successfully extinguished the fire, but trapped in the carriage of goats have been burned. Mr. Dong van driver introduced the whole truck equipped with more than 300 goats, is shipped from Shanxi to Nanning, Liuzhou high-speed way Springs South Road, left rear tire burst fire, then pull down to check, the fire quickly spread to the car, because the wool into flammable, burning fire, and you can’t control, and these are goats in a cage, by fire and high temperature burn, all died. At present, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. (correspondent Jiang Yifa reporter Xie Yang)

广西高速一货车起火 300只活羊变“烤全羊”(图)-搜狐新闻   2月15日凌晨4时48分许,位于泉南高速广西桂林往柳州方向距离柳州东出口十公里处,一辆载有300余头活山羊的货车轮胎起火。柳东消防中队接到报警后,及时赶赴现场扑灭大火。事故没有造成人员伤亡,但300头活山羊已变成了“烤全羊”,损失惨重。   消防官兵到达事故现场后,发现一辆装载活山羊的大货车停在路边,起火部位为货车的左后部轮胎处。此时火势正处于猛烈燃烧阶段并迅速的向车头部分蔓延。高速交警对事发区域已采取了道路封闭管制,严禁车辆通行。消防官兵立即铺设水枪阵地扑救火灾,经过半个多小时的努力,成功将大火扑灭,但是被困在车厢内的山羊已被烧死。   货车司机董先生介绍,整辆货车装有300余头山羊,是从山西运往南宁,途径泉南高速柳州路段,左后轮突然炸胎起火,于是靠边停车下来检查,火势很快蔓延到车厢,由于羊毛易燃,成片燃烧,火势根本控制不了,而且这些山羊都被关在笼子里,被大火和高温炙烤,全部死亡。目前火灾原因还在进一步调查中。(通讯员蒋义发 记者谢洋)相关的主题文章: