Guangzhou Baiyun District push recycling activities of a box of moon cakes for two egg-tsumori chisato

Guangzhou Baiyun District pushing environmental recycling activities, a moon cake box can change two eggs, Guangzhou daily news   (reporter Xiao Guilai) Mid Autumn Festival has passed, moon cake box handle? You can get Baiyun District, Jingxi street, Sun City Square to change eggs, 1 moon cake boxes can change 2 eggs. It is understood that the moon cake box recycling activities by the United Jiayu Sun City Plaza Beijing River Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou volunteer leaders club, Nanshan volunteer service team held. Activity time is three weekends during from September 10th to 25th, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. every morning, 3 p.m. ~6 p.m.. Activities encourage people to bring idle moon cakes on the home, as long as the box is intact, regardless of the material, 1 moon cakes can be exchanged for 2 eggs. More than 400 moon cakes boxes were collected on September 16th, 17 and two days. Mr. Chen, the organizer of the event, introduces that recycling moon cake boxes will be sorted by cooperative waste products companies first, and the recyclable products can be sorted out. Other recyclable products will be sent to garbage disposal. Through the activities to enhance the community residents’ environmental awareness and social responsibility, while spreading "recycling" and "sustainable development" concept of environmental protection. 广州白云区推环保回收活动 一个月饼盒可换两鸡蛋   广州日报讯 (记者肖桂来)中秋节过去了,月饼盒咋处理?可以拿到白云区京溪街太阳城广场去换鸡蛋嘛,1个月饼盒可换2个鸡蛋呢。   据了解,本次月饼盒环保回收活动由嘉裕太阳城广场联合白云区京溪街道办、广州志愿者领袖俱乐部、南山志愿服务队举办。活动时间为9月10日至25日期间的三个周末,每天上午10点~下午1点,下午3点~6点。活动鼓励市民带上家里闲置的月饼盒,只要盒子完整,不论材质如何,1个月饼盒都可以兑换2个鸡蛋。   9月16日、17日两天一共收集了400多个月饼盒。该活动组织者陈先生介绍,回收月饼盒会由合作废品公司先进行分拣,把可循环再造的分类出来处理,其他不可循环再造的会送去作垃圾处理。通过活动让社区居民的环保意识与社会责任感得到提升的同时,传播“循环再造”与“可持续发展”的环保理念。相关的主题文章: