Guangzhou City, the town of deputies to the general election in accordance with the law in an

Guangzhou City, Town People’s Congress election work in an orderly manner according to the law Guangzhou Daily reporter Lu Wenjie today, Liwan District will vote to elect deputies to the District People’s congress. So far, Guangzhou City, the town of deputies to the successful conclusion of the election. Under the correct leadership of the municipal Party committee, in July this year, the district began to start, the town people’s Congress election work in accordance with the law in an orderly manner, and achieved remarkable results. District, Town People’s Congress elected representatives of nearly 6000 people in Guangzhou City, a total of 11 districts, 35 towns, the general election is electoral district town of two people’s Congress of nearly 6000 people, accounting for three of the city people’s Congress 91% of the total, is an important bridge between the masses. To this end, the Guangzhou municipal Party committee and the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee attaches great importance to party, party secretary Ren Xuefeng chaired the Municipal Standing Committee meeting to study the deployment of the National People’s Congress election work, municipal Party committee established Ren Xuefeng as head of the city, District, town of three people’s Congress general election leading team, guidance to carry out the city’s three National People’s Congress election work. The Municipal People’s Congress deputy director of the division of labor has established a system to contact district election work, and actively build general election platform, and with emphasis on the practical training for the election of the backbone of the business, serious discipline, adhere to the combination of the advocacy work of city planning, the surface, to ensure the work in an orderly way. The reporter was informed that the National People’s Congress after the election, the district will be eligible for the new session of the District People’s Congress confirmed that after before the end of October called for a meeting format a new session of the National People’s Congress (Whampoa  District in December 11th), in the election of the leadership of the state organs at the same time, the election of the fifteen National People’s congress. Before the end of January 2017, the National People’s Congress, the government will complete the city’s general election. The candidate must accept the voters "interview" the District, the town of two National People’s Congress election also continued down on a session of Guangzhou "zixuandongzuo" on behalf of the candidate through the meeting to accept the voters "interview". "I was elected to the National People’s Congress of Tianhe District five years ago. I was the only one who was elected as a lawyer!" In September 21st, Tianhe District Xian Village Street Fifth District 3 candidates to meet with the voters, candidates in Mount Huangshan with a sincere self introduction for voters. The candidates and voters will be met, this is a pioneering work, I implement the election law. In June this year, the municipal Party committee issued on strengthening the work of the town (street) National People’s Congress and the implementation of the construction of the clear provisions of the improvement of the candidates on behalf of the introduction of work. When the general election, the unified organization of representatives of candidates and voters to meet, but also to deliver a speech to answer questions voters. In answer to questions on behalf of Mount Huangshan voters, candidates have series of problems: how to perform their duties as lawyers? What are the advantages of re elected representatives? How to deal with the conflict between the job and the representative? Mount Huangshan said that the voter’s question is very targeted, some sharp questions must be fully prepared to answer, which will promote the candidates to improve their quality and level. For voters, before the election can only see the candidate’s name and resume.相关的主题文章: