Guangzhou set up a special group of low-cost travel tourism market regulation is not reasonable

Guangzhou set up a special group of the tourism market regulation unreasonable low price tour information times news (reporter correspondent Li Shan Sui Xuan brigade) recently, the National Tourism Administration issued "on the crackdown" unreasonable low price tour "special action notice". Reporters from the Guangzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau notice issued before the day was informed that currently Guangzhou city has set up a special team, officially launched the special action of the Guangzhou tourism market "unreasonable low price tour", has been informed of the travel agency to carry out self-examination and self cleaning action, where the alleged "unreasonable low price tour product rate requirements of the shelf processing. Cheap travel travel contract crackdown thorough investigation of reporters from the Guangzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau, according to the standard of low-cost travel, the Tourism Bureau will establish minimum daily consumer reference price and tourism product integrity guidance, to the public. The comprehensive tourism websites, travel websites, online travel booking service website, website of the tourist attractions and travel channel, travel website APP website and the media to carry out inspections, and resolutely clean up, and shut down a number of illegal and serious dishonesty released "unreasonable low price tour tourism websites and advertising information. In addition, the travel agencies will be severely punished for soliciting, organizing tourists issued low price information and false propaganda, misleading tourists and other acts. For goods not board a low-cost tour of the phenomenon, will be severely punished travel agencies and tourists do not sign a contract or contract signed false behavior, in addition to the travel agency will be severely punished without the written consent of tourists entrusted to other agencies to fulfill the contract behavior, and unauthorized change of travel arrangements and other acts. Regularly publish travel service record for shopping, said the Guangzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau, with the business sector will prosecute shopping sites selling counterfeit and shoddy goods, use the terms of the contract format against the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, monopolistic behavior, commercial bribery and other acts of unfair competition and other illegal acts. According to reports, the travel agency has begun to carry out self-examination and self cleaning action, all suspected "unreasonable low price tour" product requirements have been fully off the shelf. Each travel agency should strengthen the regulation and regulation of the one-day tour for individual travelers, and shall not arrange specific shopping places in one-day tour or special line tour. In addition, give full play to the 12301, 12345 service hotline and complaint platform, play a supervisory role in tourism service quality and tourism volunteer social supervisors, encourages the community to actively provide unreasonably low tour clues; supervision and guidance of public opinion of the news media. Editor in chief: GDN005

广州成立专项小组 整治旅游市场不合理低价游   信息时报讯 (记者 李杉 通讯员 穗旅宣) 近日,国家旅游局下发《关于组织展开整治“不合理低价游”专项行动的通知》。记者从广州市旅游局日前下发的通知中获悉,目前广州市已成立专项小组,正式启动广州旅游市场“不合理低价游”专项行动,目前已通知各旅行社开展自查自清行动,凡涉嫌“不合理低价游”的产品一率要求下架处理。   严打低价游严查旅游合同   记者从广州市旅游局获悉,针对低价游的标准,旅游局将会制定日均最低消费参考价及旅游产品诚信指导价,向社会公布。对综合旅游网站、旅行社网站、旅游在线预定服务网站、旅游景点网站和网站旅游频道、旅游网站APP以及媒体等进行巡查,坚决清理、查处和关闭一批违法违规和严重失信发布“不合理低价游”信息的旅游网站和广告。另外还将严厉查处旅行社为招徕、组织旅游者发布的低价信息以及虚假宣传、误导旅游者等行为。   针对低价游中出现的货不对板的现象,将严厉查处旅行社不与旅游者签订合同或者签订虚假合同的行为,此外还将严厉查处旅行社未经旅游者书面同意委托其他旅行社履行合同的行为,以及擅自变更旅游行程安排等行为。   定期公布旅游服务不良记录   针对购物点的问题,广州市旅游局表示,将会同工商部门依法查处购物场所销售假冒伪劣商品、利用合同格式条款侵害消费者合法权益、垄断行为、商业贿赂等不正当竞争行为及其他违法违规行为。   据透露,目前已开始通知各旅行社开展自查自清行动,凡涉嫌“不合理低价游”的产品要求已全面下架。各旅行社要加强散客一日游的规范和整治,在一日游或专线游中不得安排指定具体购物场所。另外,充分发挥12301、12345服务热线和投诉举报平台作用,发挥旅游服务质量社会监督员和旅游志愿者的监督作用,鼓励社会各界积极提供“不合理低价游”的线索;引导新闻媒体的舆论监督。 责任编辑: GDN005相关的主题文章: