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Guizhou national "preheating poverty day" – Guizhou Channel – original title: Guizhou national poverty alleviation preheating day "in October 17th is China’s third poverty, is the twenty-fourth international day for the eradication of poverty. Yesterday, the Guizhou Provincial Office of poverty alleviation and development announced in 2016 "on poverty alleviation in Guizhou province", the preparatory activities and work plan. It is understood that our province is a national poverty poverty wide, the most populous province, the province’s poverty rate of 8.2 percentage points higher than the national average, impoverished county average poverty rate is 16%, up to 28%. To achieve the province’s rural poverty population in 2020, all out of poverty, poor counties, townships and villages all Zhaimao, solve regional overall poverty goals, there are still many difficulties and problems facing the arduous task. It is reported that this year poverty alleviation on the theme of "invite you together, helping the poor, dedication of love", from the beginning of October 8th, issued a public offering suggestions to the community issued a public offering account, carry out the theme of "invite you together: for preschool children in poor families love" large-scale public fund-raising activities. All units at all levels to carry out the public offering, the provincial authorities and institutions, the provincial key enterprises and the central enterprises, private enterprises in Guizhou, school staff, social organization, the troops stationed in Guizhou, cities and counties to carry out in their respective area. By the provincial poverty Alleviation Office in a timely manner to the public offering, and raised the brand recognition, held in October 16th, the province’s poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation award exhibition cum poverty day site donation ceremony display placards. (commissioning editor: Liu Sibo (Intern), Chen Kangqing)

贵州预热全国“扶贫日”–贵州频道–人民网 原标题:贵州预热全国“扶贫日” 10月17日是我国第三个扶贫日,也是第24个国际消除贫困日。昨日,贵州省扶贫开发办公室公布了2016年“扶贫日”贵州省活动的筹备和工作计划。 据了解,我省是全国贫困面宽、贫困人口最多的省份,全省贫困发生率比全国平均水平高8.2个百分点,其中贫困县平均贫困发生率为16%,最高达28%。实现到2020年全省农村贫困人口全部脱贫,贫困县、乡、村全部摘帽,解决区域性整体贫困的目标,面临的困难和问题还不少,任务还很艰巨。 据悉,今年扶贫日的主题是“邀您一起,扶贫济困,奉献爱心”,从10月8日开始,向社会各界发出公募倡议,发布公募账号,开展主题为“邀您一起:为贫困家庭学龄前儿童奉献爱心”大型公益募捐活动。各级各单位自行开展公募,省直机关、事业单位、省重点企业和中央在黔企业、民营企业、学校教职工、社会组织、驻黔部队以及市县在各自辖区内开展。由省扶贫办及时向社会公布公募情况,并制作公募牌,在10月16日举行的全省脱贫攻坚奖表彰、脱贫攻坚成就展暨“扶贫日”现场捐募仪式上举牌展示。 (责编:刘思博(实习)、陈康清)相关的主题文章: