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Hai Qing and "farewell" contrast children to send condoms – Sohu entertainment "little parting" Hai Qing stills Hai Qing Pictures Entertainment news conference before the online Sohu, a Hai Qing to prepare condoms to the child’s video sparked everyone’s attention. In the video, Hai Qing explains why in the "small separation" conference, she will choose to give the child to go abroad as a gift of condoms. Hai Qing said to the children of children’s sex education can not be ignored in the preparation of condoms China, the majority of people on the "sex education" always lead to a lot of young people only by carefully conceal mentioning, other non formal channels to understand the relevant knowledge. And Hai Qing is very open-minded, in the face of the children have grown up, she felt that this education is essential. "I just want to if my children at this age so big, I will give him ready to go out ah, responsible for others responsible for their own, I think the sixteen children at the age of seven, they are able to accept, but I do not think what to hide, because I think the cover does not say, wait until really it is a major event." In Hai Qing’s view, whether it is a boy or a girl, learn to protect themselves, but also learn to care for others, for others. The concept of education bold novel, a tribute to the new era of freaky bold style. For the future if his son for condoms should pay attention to what Hai Qing said, "not only to tell him to give him a condom, but also let him know to be of good quality." Not love children in adolescence need to actively guide on the love view, master Hai Qing and Huang Lei agree, she felt that the term "puppy love" is basically wrong, with children’s physical development, puberty, they have such feelings of hazy impression. If this time from the spirit to suppress them, obviously too inhumane. Hai Qing in life has a lovely son, Daniel, he was very fond of girls from childhood. Kindergarten has been a little girl generous said, "I like you". When Hai Qing knew this thing when not only did not like the Tong Wenjie as "fear", but his son to ask for details, told the children can not be rude away at this time, his expression of love for girls is actually another kind of praise, so to say thank you. Now, Daniel has been in primary school, and sometimes he will bring a few "girlfriend" home, Hai Qing will give the girls to prepare gifts. In addition, Hai Qing usually pay attention to his education in both sexes. Hai Qing said, "I’ll teach him to respect women." So although the age is not big, but Daniel will have to take the initiative to help girls open the door, to her mother tied shoelaces, take things, do some of the powers of the gentleman behavior". And most of the "mother" is not the same, Hai Qing think the future is like this, "I hope that one day when he took his girlfriend to dinner at home, the first chopsticks are clamped to his girlfriend, I will not feel lost, but will feel so thoughtful boyfriend, I taught good."   相关的主题文章: