Hair Loss Treatment Website Announces Video Series-cibi

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL — HairLoss.. , the most .prehensive online source for consumer information and education concerning hair loss treatments and conditions, has released the first of twelve planned installments in its Hair is Important video series. According to Michael Garcia, spokesperson for HairLoss.. , the Hair is Important video series is fundamentally conceived "out of a desire to raise public awareness of the significance of hair in our lives," as well as to illustrate "the multifaceted aspects of what people endure when they lose their hair." "Our effort to produce these special videos lies in our desire to cultivate some much needed sensitivity and understanding in response to an unprecedented media barrage of advertisements and TV shows which essentially make light of hair loss at the expense of those suffering from it," said Garcia. "When we still see .panies mocking hair loss sufferers in order to sell antiperspirants, clothes or beer, there has to be a voice that challenges that questionable practice." The long-standing and influential hair loss website unveiled their 60-second video on the 9th of January. Produced by Bright Bulb Solutions , a Los Angeles-based Internet marketing firm, the animated presentation features original illustration, music and the following voiceover narration: "Hair is important. When we lose our hair we lose more than our natural, youthful appearance. We lose our self-confidence and our self-esteem. Hair protects our heads from the cold and the heat. Hair frames our faces. Hair allows us to express who we are. When we lose our hair, it’s hard to feel confident. At a dance club. At our jobs. On a date. Without hair, it difficult to express our individuality. So refuse to make light of someone’s hair loss. Hair loss is no laughing matter. Why? Because hair is important." According to Garcia, HairLoss.. has contracted with Bright Bulb Solutions to produce 11 additional videos to "portray an intelligent and .passionate message of understanding" for those not only suffering from the physical and emotional effects of hair loss, but for those who choose to seek treatment for their condition. Hair loss treatments range from medical options such as hair transplant surgery and hair regrowth therapy to nonsurgical cosmetic options like hair replacement and hair extensions. "As the most .prehensive online resource for the public to learn about hair loss and its treatment, HairLoss.. has every reason to create media messages that not only counter the salvos of negative and droll portrayals of those who suffer a hair loss condition," said Garcia, "but to encourage those who are suffering to act–do something about their hair loss to solve it so that they can regain their natural look and thus regain those degrees of self-confidence and self-esteem that .e with it. Rob Dudley, Artistic Director and Vice President of Design for Bright Bulb Solutions says the new video series is in alignment with the types of progressive projects the .pany is already widely known for. "We always appreciate and enthusiastically wel.e the opportunity to employ our creativity to help fight misconceptions and negativity of any sort," said Vice President Dudley. "We should be at a place by now in human evolution where we don’t make light of or exploit anyone’s particular health condition. The HairLoss.. videos we will design, which will all be syndicated virally, will challenge people to think .passionately and act with sensitivity." The entire video series, .mencing with this first just released, is available for free viewing and download at HairLoss.. , as well as available for free syndication at YouTube and other major online video sharing services. Hair loss providers who wish to assist in HairLoss.. ‘s efforts are being granted free license to embed the videos on their own informational or retail websites. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: