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Han Peng Santrac: Memorial feats coach too suddenly all the way – Santrac’s image: Kechien sports Sohu Chinese before the Shandong Luneng Luneng football coach meritorious service manager Sangtelaqi died, which aroused condolences. Han Peng expressed his condolences to Sant Laky on social media. Famous football reporter Jia Yanfeng learned the news of Sant Laky’s death is extremely sad, "the seventh day early in the morning, it learned of the death of santrac cried. This is a very nice old man. Last October, he gave me a call, saying that for a long time without my news, I told him that he had encountered some unhappy things, he has encouraged me to face the difficulties and challenges of life bravely. He has been concerned about Chinese football, but also actively love life, how to say go away?" Han Peng wrote forward: "too sudden, meritorious coach, all the way well."". Sant Laky served as the Luneng coach in the 1999-2000 season, he led the team to win the double A and the FA Cup in 1999, Luneng team into the history of meritorious service manager. Sant Laky’s death also makes many Luneng fans deeply grieved. (Ariel)

韩鹏悼念功勋老帅桑特拉奇:太突然了 一路走好-搜狐体育 桑特拉奇生前影像:结缘中国足球 鲁能功勋主帅   前山东鲁能功勋主帅桑特拉齐不幸逝世,这也引起各界的哀悼。韩鹏在社交媒体上表达了对桑特拉齐的悼念之情。   知名足球记者贾岩峰得知桑特拉齐逝世的消息异常伤心,“初七一大早,就得知了桑特拉奇过世的消息,哭了。这是一个特别好的老人。去年十月份的时候,他还给我打过电话,说好久没有我的消息,我跟他说自己遇到了一些不开心的事情,他一直鼓励我要勇敢面对困难和人生挑战。他一直都在关注着中国足球,也积极热爱生活,怎么说走就走了呢?”韩鹏则转发写道:“太突然了,功勋主帅,一路走好”。   桑特拉齐在1999-2000赛季担任鲁能主帅,他曾率队在1999年夺取甲A和足协杯的双冠王,成为鲁能队史上的功勋主帅。桑特拉齐的逝世,也让不少鲁能球迷深感哀痛。(Ariel)相关的主题文章: