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Harbin: working man heart attacks female doctor Ren Chunyan   on artificial respiration; cardiopulmonary resuscitation for patients. When strangers fell, how to do? In Harbin, people did not hesitate to help, but to rescue! Yesterday, Wang Gang in Nangang district on the street, a migrant man suddenly fell to the ground, a white angel in spite of his very cold, wearing a short sleeved, kneeling on the ground for the CPR and artificial respiration mouth to mouth, the people present were moved, when the rescued man finally slow breath when the scene burst into applause and cheers. But unfortunately, the man died in the hospital after rescue invalid. A medical emergency man fell 18 at noon at 11:30 PM become unconscious, Wang Gang street, Nangang District, the two men together and go to the provincial food and drug inspection by the door, a man suddenly fell to the ground, the person immediately call for help, but the man lying on the ground without any response. Your companions rushed to call 120, near the patrol patrol police detachment six battalion four squadron captain Li Hongwei, Liu Zhipeng, et al. Xing handsome police rushed to the. "120 blocked the road, how do ah?" "People are dangerous, can not do, to fight for time. There’s a health office. I’ll go to the doctor!" Then, Captain Li Hongwei to more than 10 meters outside the health Wanggang Yongfeng village run. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation for 20 minutes without stopping for a moment I heard someone lying in the street, the general health female doctor Ren Chunyan did not care for the coat, wearing a short sleeved shirt and then followed Li Hongwei went on the road. "Suspected sudden myocardial infarction, dilated pupils, no heartbeat, no breathing, no pulse, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation and artificial respiration." Ren Chunyan kneeling on the ground, did not hesitate to start the first aid, press the heart 60 times each group, interspersed with two artificial respiration. Short sleeved shirt Ren Chunyan completely forgot the cold, continuous compression and artificial respiration. After a row of two groups of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, has not responded to the sudden fall of a man’s breath, people see the hope, the crowd burst into applause and cheers. About 20 minutes later, the 120 ambulance arrived, the man will be taken to hospital for treatment. According to the police investigation, the man surnamed Zhao at the age of 43, fell to the ground, the people of Bayan, is the name of the driver, before the incident and the boss to go on foot, suddenly fell to the ground in. I need to save doctors and patients should go public and on-site patrol were moved by the female doctor Ren Chunyan to rescue behavior, Captain Li Hongwei bluntly said: "I was moved to tears. The female doctor reveals the nature of reverence for life, the spirit, and the time from the hands of death placing children, a heartfelt admiration. Unfortunately, the man did not come to the rescue in the hospital died." Contact reporter was removed to actively save a good doctor Ren Chunyan: "did not have time to think, I work in the upstairs, down to the first floor to send medicine, suddenly I heard someone lying on the ground, human life, no time to take a thick coat back upstairs. I’m just trying to be a doctor and a citizen of responsibility, it’s nothing. I have first-aid skills, and pregnant for doctors, patients need me, I must"相关的主题文章: