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Harvard Business School the secret decryption Home Furnishing giant – Finance – people.com.cn after 30 years of development, Meikailong Home Furnishing group (Red Star Macalline Group CorporationLtd Limited by Share Ltd, hereinafter referred to as "Meikailong") established the absolute market leadership. In 2015, China chain Home Furnishing decoration and furniture retail sales of 545 billion 700 million, Meikailong contributed 60 billion 500 million, accounting for 11.09% of the market share ranked first. As of June 30, 2016, Redstar is domestic business the largest area, the largest number of shopping malls and geographical coverage of the most wide national Home Furnishing decoration and furniture mall operators. In the 129 city of 28 provinces in domestic operating 181 stores (total operating area of about 11814928 square meters), including 56 self Mall (total operating area of about 4457050 square meters) and 125 stores (Commission tube total operating area of about 7357877 square meters). This year, for the 30 anniversary of the establishment of Meikailong, its innovative shouted for China design life "slogan, in order to improve the Chinese home grade as Meikailong, to become experts at home Home Furnishing life, environmental protection responsibility to every family, to create the Chinese nation in the world commercial brand, 2020 to enter the world 500 strong. The excellent performance based on Meikailong also selected the Harvard Business School case. Insist on innovation Meikailong is a Sino foreign joint venture enterprise. At present, the major shareholder of the company to build a new car, Che Jianfang and red star Macalline through investment indirectly holds about 68.44% stake, the United States Pingqi China fund holdings of a total of about 14.33%, managerial ownership (Shanghai Jinghai, Shanghai Hongmei, Shanghai Kaixing) about 2.13%, public investors accounted for 15.1% (including 0.1% Peace pharmacy). Che Jianxin is the soul of the company, at the end of 80s, began to build a new car, furniture manufacturing occupation career; founded in December 1990 Changzhou Hongxing Furniture City, and from 1990 to 1994 served as the general manager of Red Star furniture was founded in June 1994; from 1994 to 2007, and served as chairman of the board and general manager; founded in 2007, the predecessor of the company Red Star Limited and in 2007 has served as chairman and general manager. Mr. Chen is also a member of the Executive Committee of the all China Federation of industry and commerce. The new car has three dreams: the red star to become the world’s commercial brand of the Chinese nation; become a scholar; to make himself a gentleman. Over the past thirty years, he has one step at a time, the red star on the international level. Out of Harvard Business School case, innovative business philosophy is Meikailong one of the key factors of success. Meikailong escalating mall construction, over the past few decades, we have witnessed the creative star from the first generation to the ninth generation Home Furnishing Mall, became the creation, created Chinese characteristics Meikailong commercial mode. 2013 Meikailong first article)相关的主题文章: