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Have you ever heard of these 7 stories by Xi Jinping? Original title: Xi Jinping told these 7 stories you heard? Xi Jinping, general secretary of the story is a master, he likes to use vivid stories to illustrate the truth, especially from the historical story for reference. He said that history is a true record of a nation, the formation, the development of a country and the rise and fall of the predecessors "encyclopedia". Leading cadres to read some history, help to improve cultural literacy and ideological and political training, help to improve the work ability and leadership level. Party building network micro platform for you to speak to Xi Jinping from Party members and cadres of the 7 historical stories, from the experience of doing things as truth. 1 modest and prudent in the spring and Autumn period taking an examination of father story in June 28, 2013, Xi Jinping’s speech at the national meeting of the organization in the mentioned such a story – the song in the spring and Autumn period is an examination of father is a doctor a few veterans, but he’s very strict with himself, he cast a motto in the temple on the tripod: "life to life again, while slouching, the more honourable, the more humble. On the wall and go, nor I’m insulted. Zhan and then paste wells to vend." Means that when there is an appointment to promote more and more cautious, a promotion to lower his head, and then promoted to the back of the song, the three promoted to bend over, even walking on the wall. Life as long as there is a tripod porridge life can be. After I read the story, I felt it. Our cadres are party cadres, the power is given by the party and people, should dare to do everything at work, forge ahead, in a modest and prudent. Story link: taking an examination of father is Qing song of the spring and Autumn period, Confucius’s seven generation. According to historical records, the positive test for your father emperor chamber of the stomach, and be a brilliant man of wide learning, the song of noble character and high prestige, well-educated and trained in military exercises, by several generations of the monarch rely on, officer worship Qing, is a modest, self-disciplined gentleman Weirenchushi is very respectful, low-key, and flat with extremely frugal. "Historical records · Confucius family" "Zuo Zhuan" and other books are recorded. 2 facts, dare to speak the truth of the story of Tang Ming Chen Pei Ju May 16, 2012, Xi Jinping speech at the Central Party School in the spring semester of the second batch of students on the opening ceremony of this sermon "classical". Recorded such a story: the official Pei Ju in the Sui Dynasty official, has been trying to curry favour with, sycophant, Suiti can meet the requirements; to the Tang Dynasty, he had a solid anti, dare to face an argument with Tang Taizong, a righteous person dared to say the continuous. Sima Guang commented that "belief in the Sui Dynasty and Zheng Pei Ju in the Tang Dynasty, it has also become a non. You heard the evil, then this is less; Lok Wen, it had to shanghai". This story tells us that only those who are willing to listen to the truth, to hear the truth in front of people, the courage to tell the truth, willing to speak the truth, willing to tell the truth. Our leading cadres must be the spirit of "innocence, their fates warning" principle, welcome and encourage others to speak the truth. The official story: link to Pei Ju dare Zhijian known. After the emperor Tang Taizong, an official corruption, so he sent to the official secrets about bribery, to test whether these officials honest. There is a division of the Department of the history of the door to accept a silk bribe, Tang too.相关的主题文章: