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He Tianju responded: no ticket association to accept the punishment he Tianju said no comment sina sports news Beijing on October 14th news of the punishment, Chinese Basketball Association announced announced on the season (2015-16 season) finals "brawl" ticket, in accordance with the relevant regulations of CBA League, involved in gang fights Liaoning team players Guo Ailun, three He Tianju and Liu Zhixuan were suspended for 4 games, 5 games and 8 games. Sina sports reporter interviewed on the matter. Was suspended for five games and said He Tianju has received a notice of punishment, no opinion to determine the association of punishment. According to the provisions of the 2015-2016 season CBA League penalty order book: during the season, players in the competition venues and other players or other personnel in trouble, fights and other serious violations of law, by the public security and judicial organs, the organizer will depend on the circumstances are serious, reprimand, suspension of the 8-10 field for punishment and if the circumstances are serious, cancel the qualification of the season. Another ticket mentioned in the public security organs in accordance with the law in accordance with regulations, according to the procedure, the principle of education to deal with the matter, the players were punished for public security". According to the reporter, the penalty is a penalty in the form of the Liaoning team three were punished, but the specific amount is unknown. (Qing Tian)相关的主题文章: