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Health Today, with the advancement of technology, people tend to rely on modern medicine for the treatment of diseases or illnesses. However, there is also another way that has had proven results for thousands of years – natural therapies and healing techniques. This approach works and is natures way of healing, a viable alternative to the mainstream modern medicine. It is geared toward preventing illnesses from occurring and at the same time, can help treat existing diseases. When natural healing was introduced to the mainstream, more and more people have resorted to taking advantage of this healing modality. Whereas, before they would take a painkiller for a simple headache, now turn to a more natural means of healing such as massage therapy or spirit healing and not risk the side effects of pain killers which tend to mask the illness. Spirit healing, uses an energy that cannot be seen and touched, it can only be felt. This type of healing uses a healers touch as a source of energy, chi, or light. It then promotes you a state of mental, spiritual and physical well being – without having to resort to traditional medicines. Furthermore, spiritual healing balances your physical and mental state – the spiritual healer will gives clients useful advice and information on how to continue the process that empowers them. Many chronic and recurring illnesses have been proven to be cured and relieved by this subtle process. Healing meditation involves relaxing your mind and focusing on inner peace and happiness. Meditation has been proven to help in removing stress and other negative energies in the body. By a 15-minute deep breathing exercise, the mind and body renew and changes the negative vibrations to positive, thereby resulting to a more productive and relaxed state of mind. This exercise is often the easiest form of natural healing as it can be done quickly. Also, it promotes happiness, inner peace and tranquillity and enables you to look at life from a different point of view. In this day and age of high technology where everything can be done at the push of a button, more people are now going back to the more simple and proven methods of natural healing and medicines. These methods are roots based on traditional medicine, cultural background and spiritual beliefs. One example of traditional medicine is the use of herbs for .mon ailments. The claims made by natural healers are not accepted by the medical .munity since there is no evidence to prove how safe and effective natural healing can be. However, there is a plethora of anecdotal evidence to suggest that herbs can be highly effective in treating every day ailments. Research too is starting to catch up to the fact that herbal medicine can be effective. Medical practitioners are saying that there is no substantial therapeutic evidence to back up their claims. However, by far, there were also no negative effects associated with this healing therapy which is less intrusive and works with the mind body and soul as many healed clients can attest to this. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: