Hefei Park in the evening a black people called the dark paint exercise is not safe-christie stevens

Hefei Park in the evening a black people called the dark paint exercise is not safe at night for a walk for an invigorating autumn climate, cool breeze, as many people choose. However, recently, many people reflect the Hefei City Park and some scenic spots, although popular, but at night it was dark, there are some security risks. In this regard, the reporter visited the Shushan special West and east of the Yaohai park. Hefei public Zhang is a night running enthusiast, he found Shushan at night a lot of people, mainly young people. However, almost everyone comes with a light, or a flashlight, or mobile phone, "there is no light on the hill, too dark, don’t feel safe." To the east of the city, a good place for Yaohai Park and the surrounding public exercise, but also because of the street, some people feel inconvenient. The lamp quantity is insufficient, especially in the west, hundreds of meters are not a street lamp, said the dark is not too exaggerated." Public Anke reflect. Yesterday, Hefei Shushan City, the reporter contacted the Forest Park management office, the office staff member surnamed Wang replied that no additional street plan". The staff explained two reasons, one is the mountain steep, in order to citizens of their own safety, do not advocate the night climbing; two is to consider the natural ecological protection of Forest Park, "Shushan has a nocturnal animal, plants also need to rest at night, the lights of their impact is very large." However, the staff reminded, Shushan Forest Park scenic West Expansion on both sides of the road has been installed to run the night lights, leisure people can go there. Then the reporter contacted the Yaohai park management unit of the New Station Management Bureau Green Management Office, a boy responsible person said, Yaohai Park was upgraded, the east gate and South Gate Plaza design brightness larger, other peripheral is energy-saving, light slightly dark, the future will consider re design, but it can only maintain the status quo. (Xin’an evening news reporter Zhu Qingling)

合肥部分公园晚上一片漆黑 市民称摸黑锻炼不安全   秋高气爽,晚上散散步吹吹凉风,成为不少市民中意的选择。然而近日合肥不少市民反映,该市一些景点和公园虽然人气很旺,但到了晚上就一片漆黑,存在一定安全隐患。对此,记者专门探访了城西的大蜀山和城东的瑶海公园。   合肥市民张先生是一名夜跑爱好者,他发现大蜀山到了晚上人也不少,以年轻人为主。不过,几乎每个人都“自带光芒”,或是手电筒,或是手机,“山 上没有灯,太黑了,感觉不安全。”城市的东边,瑶海公园也是周边市民锻炼的好去处,不过同样因为路灯问题,部分市民觉得不方便。“路灯数量不足,尤其是西 面,好几百米都没有一个路灯,说黑灯瞎火也不算夸张。”市民何女士反映。   昨天,记者联系上合肥市蜀山森林公园管理处,该处办公室一位王姓工作人员答复称“暂时没有增设路灯的计划”。该工作人员解释了两点理由,一是山 路较陡,为了市民自身安全,不提倡夜间登山;二是考虑到森林公园的自然生态保护需要,“大蜀山有夜行动物,植物夜间也需要休息,灯光对它们的影响非常 大。”不过,该工作人员提醒,大蜀山森林公园西扩景区道路两侧目前已安装路灯,想夜跑休闲的市民可以去那里。   随后记者联系上瑶海公园管理单位新站区城管局绿管处,一位徐姓负责人表示,瑶海公园当初升级改造时,东门与南门广场处设计亮度较大,其它周边则是节能型的,光线稍暗,今后可能会考虑重新设计,但目前只能维持现状。(新安晚报 记者朱庆玲)相关的主题文章: