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Henan businesswoman said was four men: a man who has been raped the Police Police Association – the Sohu news bath room (currently unable to determine whether the four open room) network "Henan Lankao 4 men raped women, the police, after the incident is the rumor" the police and the police to rape the woman". The staff of Lankao County Public Security Bureau of Henan Province in February 18th, the case told the surging news () at the end of December 2015, when police said the woman was raped by 4 men drunk himself. Verified by the police, the suspect Li Mouceng Lankao County Public Security Bureau police brigade Police Association, but in the case of more than two months ago (October 2015) has been in violation of regulations due to absenteeism team fired, "absolutely no police suspect". Lankao County police, the injured woman about 30 years old, in the county business, her husband for a long time outside the work. The woman and a doctor through WeChat chat understanding, the evening of December 29, 2015, 3 friends of the victim and the doctor and doctor’s dinner drink, the woman drink 452 (liquor). More than 9 points on the night of the incident, 5 people in Lankao County, a bath center opened a room, hall monitoring shows that the woman was helped by the doctor. The insider said, the woman in January 1, 2016 before the alarm, because of a short video of the relationship in more than 30 seconds out of bath overnight, there are friends and recognize the woman to her WeChat. The victim told the police that he was drunk and raped, and vaguely remembered, "someone took turns to have a relationship with her."". Police, the video Department of third people shooting, but because it has been deleted, can not be restored. At present, 4 suspects, doctors and other two people surrendered, Lee and another suspect at large. Two suspects who surrendered themselves called the women voluntary, and were forced to be released pending trial. Lankao police said that the case is still under further investigation, because of privacy involved, the specific case is not disclosed.

河南女商人称遭四男子强奸 警方:一人曾为协警-搜狐新闻 案发洗浴中心的房间(目前无法确定是否开的四人间)   网传“河南兰考4名男子轮奸女子,其中有协警”,案发后更是传言“警察和协警强奸该女子”。河南省兰考县公安局工作人员2月18日告诉澎湃新闻(),案件2015年12月底发生,当事女子报警称自己酒后被4名男子强奸。   经警方核实,嫌犯李某曾是兰考县公安局交警大队协警,但在案件发生两个多月前(2015年10月)已因旷工违反队伍管理规定被开除,嫌犯中“绝对没有警察”。   兰考县警方介绍,受害女子30岁左右,在县城经商,丈夫长期在外务工。女子与一名医生通过微信聊天认识,2015年12月29日晚,受害人与医生及医生的3个朋友聚餐喝酒,当事女子喝有四五两(白酒)。事发当晚9点多,5人在兰考县城某洗浴中心开了一间房,大厅监控显示当事女子是被医生扶进去的。   知情人称,受害女子2016年1月1日才报警,因为洗浴中心一夜的一段时长30多秒的性关系短视频流出,有朋友认出受害女子并微信发给她。   受害人告诉警方自己喝醉被强奸,只模糊记得“有人轮流和她发生关系”。   警方介绍,视频系第三人拍摄,但因已被删除,无法恢复。   目前,4名嫌犯中,医生等两人自首,李某和另一嫌犯在逃。两名自首的嫌犯称女子是自愿的,目前被变更强制措施取保候审。兰考警方表示,案件目前仍在进一步侦查中,因涉及隐私,具体案情不便透露。相关的主题文章: