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Her husband paralyzed his wife go out to work to sue for divorce and domestic violence family is the cell of society, family members love and tolerance for the harmonious society inject vigor and vitality. As a couple, not only need emotion and trust, should assume obligations as a spouse, hold a determination to go through thick and thin together and a sense of responsibility, rather than to pledge their fly". The thing around Wei introduced to meet Lee, two people married more than ten years later, wie but in lack of understanding of marriage, marriage does not establish the feelings of the couple, and was often on the implementation of domestic violence on the grounds, Yizhisuzhuangjiang Lee to court. The plaintiff wie claimed that since she married Li Mouhou, two people quarrel often for trivial life, but to two children, wie has resigned, and the defendant Lee never change of attitude, often cause the domestic violence to her. In August 2015, wie told the Queshan county court, and Lee divorce, due to lack of evidence by the court rejected the claim. After a lapse of nearly a year, Wei again sued for divorce. The defendant Lee argued that the situation is not realistic, said Wei, two people are still feeling good, do not agree to divorce. The court found that: the defendant Lee to work outside the home to support the family, in 2011 due to illness leading to hemiplegia, life still need others to take care of. After a certain period of time, the defendant Wei Wei to go out to work for the defendant, the defendant will stay at home with their separate lives. The feelings of the couple still. Court after hearing the Queshan County, did not support the plaintiff’s request for divorce. Legal analysis of the court after hearing that China’s "marriage law" Twentieth stipulates that "the husband and wife have the obligation to support each other". The so-called "couple mutual obligation" refers to the period from the marital relationship, the couple with each other in life care, support each other in economy, help each other in our daily life, support each other in the spirit of obligation. In this case, the defendant is currently suffering from the disease, the need for the plaintiff to give care in life, financial help and emotional care, and the evidence submitted by the plaintiff is not sufficient to prove the relationship between husband and wife has been broken. The court then made the decision. (reporter Chen Lei special correspondent correspondent Zhu Jianfeng Li Huijie Li Siyuan) (Henan News) today: Zhengzhou clean exterior thermal workers because the elevator is not fixed today fell to the ground dead hot smell: buy accessories assembled firearms military rete mirabile illegal result was jailed for seven years to Luohe women’s shoe now bought a house to open a shop because their parents are too "loving daughter pique and netizen flash from the flash marriage in order to find the runaway son sixty old man half worn shoes three Nanyang citizens" bank SMS verification code sent lost 3000 Yuan Yu recommend: a beat set prize collection: I and the Zhengzhou people’s Park story [theme] this year, Zhengzhou people’s Park is 65 years old. Zhengzhou people’s Park and share your old photos of us together to witness the epitome of change with the times, together through the back to the memory of the age of innocence.相关的主题文章: