High end luxury will be affected by block system new deal, urgent rules promulgated – Sohu securitie-tianbi

The high-end luxury block system will be affected by the impact of the new deal to the introduction of rules – Sohu securities no longer build the closed area policy rules promulgated to high-end luxury will be affected by the impact of the new deal for block the "opinions of the CPC Central Committee and State Council on Further Strengthening the administration of the planning and construction of the city" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") pointed out that the city will gradually adjust the structure of land use, no longer build a closed residential area. "Opinions" issued immediately aroused heated discussion in the real estate circle. Stakeholders said that the open design will focus on security, privacy of high-end luxury projects brought significant impact. But the opinions need to be supplemented by more detailed rules, otherwise it will encounter difficulties landing. "Open" is intended to traffic "opinions" put forward, China’s new residential to promote block system, in principle, no longer build closed residential areas. The built residential district and unit courtyard should be opened step by step to realize the publicity of the internal road, solve the problem of traffic network layout, and promote the use of land. In addition to establish a "city road layout concept of narrow road, road network, road network system construction of expressway, primary and secondary roads and branch reasonable gradation. And the requirements of city park in principle to open free to residents, vacate the deadline to clean up illegal occupation of public space. In this regard, experts said that the closed community separated the city, unable to form high-density road network. And the blueprint of the opinion pointed out that the biggest advantage of the open block model is that it can make the city life more convenient and the traffic cycle more unobstructed. In fact, in order to avoid the "traditional planning pie", "urban diseases prevention", put forward in 2015 in Chengdu "Chengdu small blocks" concept, become the domestic big city blocks for pilot promotion. In accordance with the new plan of Chengdu, the new residential construction is no longer closed residential areas. From December 2015 onwards, including 5 urban and High-tech Zone, Tianfu District, nine area, will be in accordance with the "narrow roads, road network standards into an open block mode, formed in a small neighborhood based, convenient transportation, perfect function of livable city space. The analysis of the impact of high-end real estate real estate industry experts "opinion" the purpose is to improve the management level of city planning, but due to the aspects of real estate development planning requirements change and use of public property sold part of the adjustment, the "opinions" can be effective in the implementation will be a problem. The house agency marketing director Guo Yi said, "to promote the new residential district, residential construction is no longer closed" principle, the main purpose is to solve the traffic problems in the city especially big city is more and more serious, but the request for new residential areas will have a significant adverse impact, especially high-end community. In order to meet the high-end community house group living quality, remove the inside a building some high-tech applications and exquisite interior design, create a part of community environment is also indispensable, and exclusive high-quality community environment resources and guarantee the important value of wealth class living security and privacy is the high-end community, if closed the traditional community is no longer closed, these attractions are likely to be broken. Elite groups embrace open style

高端豪宅将受街区制新政冲击 亟待细则出台-搜狐证券   不再建封闭小区政策亟待细则出台  高端豪宅将受街区制新政冲击  《中共中央国务院关于进一步加强城市规划建设管理工作的若干意见》(以下简称《意见》)指出,将逐步调整城市用地结构,不再建封闭式住宅小区。《意见》一出台立即引发地产圈的热议。相关人士表示,开放式设计将对强调安全性、私密性的高端豪宅项目带来明显冲击。但《意见》需要辅以更加细致的细则,否则将遭遇落地难。  “开放”意在交通  《意见》提出,我国新建住宅要推广街区制,原则上不再建设封闭住宅小区。已建成的住宅小区和单位大院要逐步打开,实现内部道路公共化,解决交通路网布局问题,促进土地节约利用。另外要树立“窄马路、密路网”的城市道路布局理念,建设快速路、主次干路和支路级配合理的道路网系统。并要求城市公园原则上要免费向居民开放,限期清理腾退违规占用的公共空间。  对此,专家表示,封闭社区把城市割裂开,无法形成高密度路网。而《意见》的蓝图指出的开放街区模式,最大优势在于能够使得城市生活更便捷、交通循环更通畅。  实际上,为避免“摊大饼”式的传统规划思维,预防“大城市病”,成都在2015年提出“大成都建小街区”概念,成为国内大城市推广街区制的试点。  按照成都新规划,新建住宅原则上不再建设封闭住宅小区。从2015年12月起,包括中心5城区和高新区、天府新区等在内的九大片区,将按照“窄道路、密路网”的标准打造成一种开放式的街区模式,形成以小街区为基础的、交通便利、功能完善的宜居城市空间。  高端楼盘最受影响  地产行业专家分析,《意见》的目的在于提高城市规划管理水平,但是由于涉及到房地产开发环节的规划要求变更以及已售房产公共部分的使用用途调整,《意见》能否得以行之有效地实施将是个问题。  亚豪机构市场总监郭毅表示,“新建住宅要推广街区制,原则上不再建设封闭住宅小区”,主要目的是为了解决城市中尤其是大城市日益严峻的路网交通问题,但这一要求对于新建住宅小区将产生重大的不利影响,尤其是高端社区。  高端社区为满足购房客群的居住品质,除去楼宇内部一些高新科技的应用以及精致的内部设计,社区环境的打造也是不可或缺的一部分,而独享优质的社区环境资源以及保障财富阶层居住的安全性和私密性也是高端社区的重要价值,如果传统的围合式社区不再封闭,这些卖点都可能被打破。  “精英客群接受开放式设计恐怕不太容易”,某高端楼盘营销负责人表示,毕竟豪宅项目的核心价值除了地段之外就是品质、环境、安全、私密几大要素。  当前,北京楼市受高地价倒逼,新增住宅项目正在出现整体高端化的倾向,各项目之间只有依托于比拼产品、品质和服务才能在激烈的销售竞争中突破重围。  具体细则待出台  某小区业主张先生对《意见》的实施表示担忧,他担心小区围墙拆除后外来机动车随意进入小区将给孩子安全和老人休息带来新的困扰。同时,临近商业、商务区、医院、学校等城市功能区的社区很有可能沦为外来机动车的停车场,令原本就已紧张的小区停车位更加捉襟见肘。  此外,相关人士表示,“已建成的住宅小区逐步打开”的合法性可能也与《物权法》相悖。业主支付的物业费中相当一部分是用于公共区域的绿化、清洁、安保服务,如果公共部分开放使用,这部分的物业费仍由业主支付显然并不合理。  相关专家表示,《意见》聚焦解决城市拥堵,增加城市活力,方向当然正确,但在具体的执行过程中仍需制定更加具体细致的执行细则进行配套应用,才能确保合法合理的落地实施。  也有地产界人士表示,对高端楼盘而言,开放式街区也并非“世界末日”,我国香港以及西方发达国家也有相当多的豪宅都采取开放式设计,通过社区规划和建筑物内部空间设计,同样能够实现高端人士偏爱的安全性与私密性。  北京商报记者 董家声  作者:董家声来源北京商报)相关的主题文章: