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Teach Your Team The Home Base Business Opportunity Interview Actually, the direct sales recruiting interview is only 4 or 5 questions depending on how you look at it. When you use this interview process you will sign up more consultants into your organization. Potential home base business recruits all have almost the same concerns. This 4-5 interview process is simple to use and easy to teach. It is easy to remember and will give you and your team great recruiting results. Direct Sales Opportunity Recruiting Everyone in any direct selling business should be fine-tuning her or his sharing and recruitment techniques. Practicing this simple opportunity interview will bring all home business reps better results. The recruiting interview is as follows: 1. Do you have any questions or are you ready to get started? 2. What first interested you in MY TERRIFIC .PANY? 3. What strengths do you have that would make you a good consultant? 4. What would you like MY FANTASTIC .PANY to do for you? 1. Do you have any questions or are you ready to get started? So I guess you can see why it is a dilemma as to whether it is a 4 or 5 question interview. I have always called it the 4 question interview. Teach Your Team To Interview Incorperate into your team training meetings direct marketingrecruiting and interveiw skills. Your team should be able to use this interveiew when meeting with a potential rep. The first question is key. It does not matter whether you are conducting a face-to-face interview, interviewing over the phone, or an on-the-spot conversation at your show. If you skip the first question and they are in fact ready to get started then you may very talk them right out of it by giving them too much information. Most of the time when you ask question number 1 your guest will give you questions to answer. The potential rep may ask about the .pensation package. In which case you share a very factual piece of information in less than 10 seconds and ask another question to give you more information. So, you may say: "The .mission structure varies depending upon your sales level. New sales reps may expect to make about $200 per show. How many shows would you be able to do in a week?" At this point your potential recruit may say she had not thought about it at all. So you go to # 2: "What first interested you in MY TERRIFIC .PANY?" She may say something like: "Well, we could use a bit of extra in.e and I do not want my husband to have to get another job" Your 10-second response could be: "This is so flexible that it is perfect for busy families. We have a young Mom on our team who is going to college and doing MY WONDERFUL .PANY at the same time for that exact reason. She does not want her new husband to be away from home for more than one job." "What strengths do you have that would make you a good consultant?" Your new interested party may say that she is a nurse and is very organized, as well as having the ability to get along well with people. So, you just validate that and point out how she would be good at what you do, because it is not hard and it does it takes good organizational skills. You could also point out that what you do is all about connecting, and with her good people skills she would be awesome at it. What would you like MY FANTASTIC .PANY to do for you? The answer may be simple like: "I would just like to get the car payment covered, that’s all." So, your response could be: "Would you have time in your schedule to set aside one night a week to focus on your FANTASTIC .PANY business? "I think so actually probably more than one night." "You know Lisa, It sounds as though this would be perfect for you, do you have any more questions or are you ready to get started?" Direct Sales Opportunity Training A good home party plan business leader allows the new consultant to talk themselves into taking the opportunity. When you train your sales team to use this simple interview process, you will see your whole team getting better results. Good recruiting is actually allowing the new rep to make the decision without pressure. The 4-question party plan training recruiting interview is a cycle of questions that allows the new recruit to do exactly that. You are going to continue to cycle around using different versions of the same question. These questions are just guidelines, and may need re-phrased based on the situation. Here are some samplesof other ways to use the same questions. You may say each one, two or three times in different versions during the same interview. #2: "What did I say today (at the show) that piqued your interest in MY TERRIFIC .PANY?" #3: "What would be your goals in joining MY FANTASTIC .PANY?" #4: "I know you enjoy nursing, what skills do you use at the hospital that will make you a good consultant?" #1: "You sound like the perfect rep; do you have any more questions or can we order your kit?" 相关的主题文章: