Horner Senna and Schumacher as the rain war pan Vista-antik

Horner: Senna and Schumacher as the rain war Vista pan Marx – Vista Pam Horner believes sina sports news, Vista Pam in Brazil Grand Prix Saiyu battle performance to help he earned a "Rain King" Elton – Senna and Michael – Schumacher tied for the position. The Dutchman climbed to third in the final lap of the Brazil Grand Prix from fourteenth to 16. The Red Bull gamble tyre failure, Vista Pam had to replace the armistice rain tyres, and completed a series of astonishing transcendence in play after. Horner described Vista Pam as "a group of himself". When asked Vista Pam whether can the game with the classic rain War: Senna in Monaco in 1984 second and got Schumacher in Spain in 1996 as trophies, Horner said: "yes, worthy of that game". "You have to compare the game with those great moments. You don’t always see it. We see it very, very special." What impressed Vista Pam most about the game was the overtaking lines he used. "Even in the case of a safety car, he is trying to explore the different parts of the pitch, just to find the right grip." Horner said. This method and his former karting was very similar. You see him walk from the outside, like the three and the straight. He’s just looking for a different area of the track. I don’t see any other drivers doing similar jobs. They were all on the same route, but Max was in a group of his own. Vista Pam is the only mistake high speed in a straight line near the sideslip on entrance channel maintenance. His save the car action to help his party with the front of the Rosberg a few seconds of time difference, "at that moment on the command platform, we almost suffocated, but in radio communication he once again reflects the extreme calm. All afternoon he seemed to be in control, except for that moment, "Horner said at last. 2016 F1 Brazil station, Marx – Vista Pam’s authority "Autosport" also combed 6 most exciting F1 rain war, were: in 1968, the German Grand Prix, before Jackie Stewart arrived in F1 the frightening Neue Boglin track, Stewart has given a heavy blow to the opponent in the Holland Grand Prix in battle rain. Stewart from the sixth place, at the end of the first lap behind the first 8.3 seconds, but in extreme circumstances, he won the championship with more than 4 minutes of terror lead. The 1972 Monaco Grand Prix Jean Pierre beltoise 1972 Monaco Grand Prix when Pierre beltoise 1972, beltoise and his partner is not the leader, completed only once before six. But in the rain in Monaco in the war, the French defeated Jackie AIKE, a leading opponent for 38 to finish the race, all the drivers ring and the rest of the game. This is Bertos’s only win. )相关的主题文章: