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Movies-TV The concept of horror movie is very challenging for the directors to keep suspense maintained throughout the movie and expose it in the end. There are many story writers, authors who wrote numerous Horror Books on the theme of spooky, stannic, mentals, maniacs, slashers, serial killers, haunted houses and many more. With the support of these authors, directors make their own team to make move. Usually, horror movies have their own movie watchers who are crazy about watching horror movies. In economic point of view: Horror movies as well as TV Horror Movies receive an outstanding turn over and produced unique movie globally, some of them blockbusters movies are the bob, Jaws, house on haunted hill, the exorcist, Jeepers creepers, Jeepers Creepers, the Sixth Sense, the Blair Witch Project, Night of the living dead and the list goes on. The turn over these movies is an unbelievable. By way of seeing the turn over, many directors decide to make horror movies. Make unknown face villain stars: By way of horror movies, there are many people, who got world wide fame and earned their own identity globally. Today, they are known as a villains star and their names are Freedy Krueger, Leatherface, Chucky, Phantasm, Dracula, Hannibal lecter, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and so on. These are the prominent personality in horror movies who have received supreme place and be.e iconic. Ethics of horror movie: With the support of horror movies, there are many positive things offer to the society. It means it is the perfect time to fire up some unique movies, have you ever thought? By way of watching these movies, you can get many business senses which are given below. Inspires us to be a nice As it happens in mostly movie, there are many characters some of them are in favor of justice and honesty, but some of them are against justice and honesty. Therefore, they kill as well as suppress innocent people. The villains, who have supernatural and extra ordinary power, misuse it. But in the end, he is killed and in very peculiar method by a decent man. The lesson we got from these movie is this we should be nice and helpful despite having different power and should do every thing in the favor of public welfare. In spires to be a strategist If somebody is equipped with supernatural power and kills and suppress innocent people, should be punished badly. So that next people should not be prey of his hands. For facing that villain, we have to make strategy. Thus, it can be routed out easily. This lesson we get from horror movies how is villain removed by the decent person. In this point of view, horror movie is an ideal for the society. Learn how to scan the situation: With the support of the horror movie, we learn how to cope with difficult situation. Because, villains oppressed innocent people, at this time most of the people be.e prey easily. But one who knows how to scan situation and try to find the weakness of that person to strike. In a simple word, it can be said that horror movie give the spirit of scanning the situation and makes us dare-devil. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: