Hotel thermal explosion surrounding the economy of the University of the hotel room rate over 85%–

Hotel " " heat; detonated surrounding the hotel room rate full University School of economic super 85%- Beijing Changsha evening news reporter Wang Na and autumn school season, with college freshmen and parents focus on the influx of Changsha, "hotel hot" the first detonation "opening economy". In addition to the high price of the hotel, other students around "in sales, shopping malls everywhere bags, digital products, glasses and bedding supplies and other promotions, the arrival of the students and parents friends and relatives behind the" hot "Changsha city. However, compared with previous years, this year’s opening economy hot in cold, showing some new changes. Gaestgiveriet Hotel to the surrounding hard to find a room, pushing up the price of 26 days, from Shanxi freshman pastoral Feng and his father set off from home, from Taiyuan south station to take the high-speed rail to the Shijiazhuang Railway Station, and then from the Shijiazhuang Railway Station to take the high-speed rail to reach Changsha, to report to the Hunan University. As early as 20, Tian dad booked a chain of hotels near the school. Listen to others said during the opening of the hotel housing tension, but fortunately we booked in advance, too late to set." Da Sonotoyo said. Every year, like father Tian to escort their children to school parents in the minority, they made the arrival of the day near the Econo Hotel and rental business is hot, some hot spots is hard to find a room". Reporters visited Hunan University, Central South University, Changsha University of Science and Technology, near the hotel found that the most popular with students and parents to be regarded as economic Fasthotel. The standard room already booked, now only a few room. Most of the recent booking is to send their children to school parents, especially freshmen parents live longer." In the vicinity of the Hunan University, Pegasus apartment seven days hotel, the hotel staff told reporters that the past few days the standard room price of 250 yuan, while the normal price is 200 yuan, or more than 20%. The staff member said that from the beginning of the end of August, the amount of hotel consulting and booking on the steady growth, the current hotel booking rate of up to 90%. I was ordered on the Internet is 179 yuan, but after the store was told to rise to $268." Changsha University of Science and Technology freshman Li Lin from the Wuhan book from the school recently a Fasthotel in the early ten days ago, did not expect her check, that the room was up nearly one hundred yuan. Schools around the hotel in the school during the period of collective price increases, in addition, the price close to the people and facilities of the family apartment, short rental has become a hot pursuit of students and friends and relatives of the meat and potatoes". In the Hexi University City of a family hotel, the owner told reporters that during the opening of the room price will be about 30 yuan more expensive than usual, the standard price between the floating up and down in the $150. Digital products of intelligent mobile phone online payment touted iPad sales increase for many freshmen, intelligent mobile phone, the computer has become the standard of school. Reporters visited a number of mobile phone stores found that the advent of the school season, businesses targeting student groups, the introduction of a lot of concessions indeed. Suning stores in the west, many models launched promotional price, many domestic mobile phone.相关的主题文章: