How Our Hud-1 Software Increases The Accuracy Of Your Hud 1 Closings-actv

Software Here at Easy Soft, we figure: why reinvent the wheel? That’s why all of our software is geared toward capturing your client’s case data at the outset, and integrating it into all of the ensuing legal forms, correspondence, and financial statements includingmost crucially for real estate dealsyour HUD forms. Once the data’s been captured, Easy Soft’s Easy HUD Software performs automatic calculationsresulting in pitch-perfect HUD closing statement (and other forms and statements) every time. Wouldn’t all software increase my accuracy, though?’ you wonder. Getting a machine to do something betterin less timeis always the goal of technology, right? This is partly rightbut it’s also partly wrong. It’s true that all real estate closing software seeks to automate some portion of a real estate closing. But some HUD software packages may segregate legal forms from financial statements, requiring you to entirely re-enter some of the case data. Not with Easy Soft. Our HUD software is fully integrated. What this means? It’s a low-touch system: the minimization of entries minimizes human error. You need only enter any piece of data one timenot multiple times, in multiple programs. You need only make sure that one entry is accurate, and after that, you can wash your hands of it: you’ve done your job. Our HUD-1 software will use that data in all calculations, forms, and statements that call upon itincluding the monstrously .plex, .prehensive HUD settlement statement (also known as a HUD closing statement, or HUD-1 ). We at Easy Soft feel like making your practice more accurate isn’t too much to ask of technology. Just call us, get a real person on the line, and find out how genuinely excited we are to help! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: