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Home-Improvement Frequently, I hear the question: "I have a [insert style of home here], what type of exterior shutters would look best on it?". The answer for choosing the right exterior shutters for your home is more .plicated than one might imagine, yet there is a simple solution. First of all, lets go over the different styles of exterior shutters that are available and then lets talk about what will look best on your home. There are three basic styles: 1. Louver shutters 2. Raised panel shutters 3. Board and batten shutters Louver shutters have their roots in Mediterranean Europe and although are perhaps the oldest style of shutter there is, they tend to give your home a very modern feel. Raised panel shutters are a frame with solid panels inside that look similar to the doors on your kitchen cupboard. They tend to work better than louver shutters on surfaces that are very busy such as brick. These shutters are very .mon in New England. Board and batten shutters give your home more of a rustic look, and are generally used on cottage style homes. However, this style of window shutter can also look great in the right modern suburb. Borad and batten shutters were traditionally used on barns in Europe, but have evolved into the most contemporary exterior shutter today. Home architecture is a regional science. Home styles vary greatly from the east coast to the west and also from the north to the south of the country. Plantation style homes are generally only found in the southeast. Ranch style homes are found throughout the midwest and the west, but even then the styles vary greatly. For example, in California and Arizona, there are usually no basements on the home and in Idaho and Montana there are. New England has many unique old world styles of home that are not found in other parts of the country and in general people in that region tend to value historical authenticity over all else. The answer that you are looking for is probably within 1 mile from your home. For example, yesterday I drove through a neighborhood that I visited several weeks ago. I noticed that a house that was for sale several weeks before was still on the market. The primary reason I noticed it was because it stood out like a sore thumb: it had an obviously different style of exterior shutters installed than all of the houses around it. Individuality is an American virtue, however it was costing this homeowner because the vinyl exterior shutters that he installed were such a sharp contrast with the style of home he had. While this was a rare case where the chosen window shutters actually decreased the home’s curb appeal, it does prove an important point. The best way to choose the correct style of exterior vinyl shutters for your home is to drive around your neighborhood and see what exterior shutters your neighbors have installed. If all of your neighbors have louvered vinyl shutters installed on their homes, I seriously urge you to consider installing one of the many styles of vinyl louvered shutters. On the other hand if your neighborhood is a mixed lot of louvered shutters and raised panel style shutters, you have more choices to consider and the end result will boil down to personal preference. The bottom line is, your neighbors may have already made the decision for you what vinyl exterior shutters will look best and if you are having trouble deciding the best advice is to look at what exterior vinyl shutters they have installed. This is especially true of homes that are very similar in style to your own. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: