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Just how Green Tea don’t bitch | make male physique up fighter Sohu in the women’s world, there is an unwritten rule, a handful of people who love to know or not, even has become the other historical figures label. What "straight female cancer", "independent" scheming bitch, bitch "," Green Tea bitch, all except her own outside the women of the world is not bitch low force. In particular, "Green Tea bitch, high frequency wide application range simply outrageous. So you see the circle of friends secretly pop from this article: it seems that the literary and art circles in a field like a raging fire the Green Tea tyrannised Congress bitch. You are curious about the definition of Baidu Green Tea: "Green Tea bitch Bitch (Green Tea Bitch) refers to the appearance of elegant and refined, usually with long hair, looks delicate and touching, always in tears, but the most love playing surface a covertly set great ambition, all very deep. It took three hours of makeup pretending not to, when a bad boy knew harm but always pretended to be innocent, obviously about people are always put on a good quiet time and pure appearance, all men are his brother, "life is like a play by acting on them is said. But men are usually Green Tea bitch can’t tell." In summary, in addition, pure appearance will seduce, innocent, understand the confusion is the right man, the label Green Tea bitch. Isn’t that what a woman should be! Of course, if the above features plus Green Tea keen to do three used malicious damage to the feelings of others kept woman, and family, should pull out hanging cliffs. But none of these wonderful hobby, but only with her male attributes, that she would become a man love a woman hate Uber fighter. Such as Lin Whei-yin, such as Lin Chiling. If they are known as the baby Green Tea bitch, begged them to become so, but just do not do them Green Tea. How do your change to mellow Green Tea physique, this thing is for you to be sang about it. Let us first see essence through the phenomenon, analysis of Green Tea have reason the man what? 1 is the first appearance of course. Straight Asian aesthetic was boring and consistent, there are fine long hair white body, soft waist, easy to tear down. Asian men generally lack of confidence on their own appearance, with the need to cater to the public aesthetic pure girl to his face, see east brother and sister tea CP. Most of the green tea has long been aware of this, is also the way to go. Green Tea who looks have typical characteristics: Liu Qi or long points are basically insipid hair. Not beautiful but not ugly. It looks pure makeup carefully perfect nude make-up. Wear clothes are light in color, beige, pale blue, baby powder, white was her favorite. Little Pailugou midriff exposed thigh, overall and fresh. But this does not mean that there is no other unique style sister opportunity. You can not be beautiful, but must reward相关的主题文章: