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Hua Chenyu Fu Yuanhui to the box? "Entertainment star + Olympic Star" CP– entertainment channel — recently, in the uniform of the hit variety show, # black 919 fans carnival night # found in micro-blog entertainment topic list five. The 919 fans carnival night "why is there such a high degree of topic, from a business party music video in September 19th to do, the party is not unusual, but the special 919 party in this field will have" entertainment star + Olympic Star "CP integrated platform. In August 30th, Jiangsu satellite TV and music video at the signing ceremony, determined to jointly build 919 fans carnival night, music video said, in addition to music will be launched next the movie star, just returned from the Olympics sports stars are also expected to join the 919 fans Carnival night. This news, netizens have raged, the girl Fu Yuanhui, Ning Zetao, Yan value as his idol burden overweight, Malone sleep, Zhang Jike Zhu Ting’s domineering Meng Da were YY to the Olympic star luxury camp. What music video will be invited to the Olympic Games? For small traces to analyze it from. The first time this year as the 413 party business ecosystem sharing night ", Li Yuchun and Liu Chuanzhi on the same stage, so many friends shouted" long live ", according to the music as such always surprising trick routine, surely this 919 party combination is elegant style. The music video has been released, Li Yuchun Hua Chenyu, Jolin will debut in 919 fans carnival night, also revealed that there will be a public Olympic star on the stage, obviously this music video is to play the "entertainment star + big stars". According to the property of the entertainment and sports circle each other many many brother sister, many fans love beans + combination brother sister, natural suction eye. Mars and the brilliance Yu girl Fu Yuanhui Fu Yuanhui has publicly said that Ning Zetao is not her dish, small girls don’t love the bold speculation, is the same as the Martian Hua Chenyu type? Huachen Yu before cool mobile phone conference, do not hide in Fu Yuanhui’s affection, a Yuanhui Fu expression package to imitate the scene. The girl really is not an ordinary person, even the flowers are from Mars up to it! After Hua Chenyu’s fans are eager to shout in micro-blog, Hua Chenyu and Fu Yuanhui on the same stage. Hua Chenyu as a popular singer, 919 fans carnival night scene will sing, given the fans voice so high, then a duet with Fu Yuanhui is also very likely. One is the girl, a Mars Yuanke Mio, sing on the same stage, the screen must be beautiful, after all the songs of his rare. If the two boys and girls on the same stage, the two dimension will wipe out what kind of spark is really rare, curious to rise. 13 years many younger brother Malone and the goddess Jolin Malone at micro-blog by Jolin was 13 years of hardcore powder, see the idol concert can’t sleep sleep. It seems that the dragon team is really Jolin’s super fans. But last year Malone and Ding Ning fans meeting, in the hundreds of "pitaya" witness, Malone also sang a song for Ding Ning, two people wearing a red T-shirt Hi, MA)相关的主题文章: