Hubei 16 administrative fees to reduce the cost of the project is reduced to zero

Hubei reduced 16 administrative charges nine project cost to zero in the newspaper news (reporter Gong Ping correspondent Peng Ling) yesterday from the provincial price department was informed that, since November 1st, our province will reduce 16 administrative fees, 9 of which have zero cost. At the same time, the abolition of 5 government pricing of business service charges. According to estimates, the reduction, the abolition of fees and projects, each year to reduce the burden on enterprises and society about 1 billion yuan. 16 administrative fees reduced: housing registration fees, housing transfer fees, termite control, consular certification fee, visa fee, part of the public security system certification, motor vehicle safety and technical inspection of motor vehicle fees, mortgage registration fees, dog management fees, funeral expenses, adoption registration fees, marriage registration fee the arbitration fee, personnel contract, highway and Bridge Road property compensation, vascular network fees, compensation fees for water and soil conservation. Housing transfer fees, for example, before the charges for the new premises 2 yuan per square meter, is now down to $1.4 per square meter. 5 operational and service charges are: cancel the cadastral archive information consulting service fee, the seismic safety evaluation of the real estate archives service fees, service fees, the city completed construction project archives service fee, service fee of mineral resources reserve report review. To the real estate archives service charges, for example, in the past issued a certificate to charge 100 yuan. Provincial price department, which is in the last year, one-time cancellation basis and suspended 49 Sheqi administrative fees and fund projects, the province of all kinds of charges related enterprises carry out a new round of clean-up standards. Attached to the cost of the nine items to reduce the original cost of the project 1. Housing registration fee housing 80 components, non housing components of the 550 2. Consular certification fee of $100 3. The visa service fee of 210 yuan, 30 yuan expedited card 4 card. Motor vehicle safety technical inspection fee 100 yuan / times 5. Motor vehicle mortgage registration fee 70 yuan / times 6. The marriage registration fee of 9 yuan hardcover paperback 2 yuan to 7. The adoption registration fee application fee of 20 element, adoption certificate fee for 10 yuan / 8. Personnel contract arbitration fee 50 component 9. Highway and Bridge Road property compensation fees accounted for   the use of road laying cables, 25 – 100 yuan m2; transportation compensation fee of 0.8 yuan / km.相关的主题文章: