Hubei Xiangyang doctors in a car accident brain death, donate organs to save 4 people (Figure) –

Hubei Xiangyang doctor of brain death in a car accident to donate organs to save 4 people (Figure) – Beijing new network in Xiangyang in February 6, (Yao Min) 5 days, 19 days after the fight, Hubei Xiangyang doctor Jinjun China "walk". But he donated 4 organs, but to 4 seriously ill patients bring new students. Jin Junhua, 36, is a doctor in the Central Hospital of Xiangyang. In the afternoon of January 17th this year, when he went out to repair his computer, he was hit by a drunk driver to a coma with severe brain trauma. Xiangyang Central Hospital North ward intensive care unit doctor Li Dawei introduced, Jin Junhua was sent to have no breathing consciousness, the hospital to rescue, but 17 days later, he failed to wake up, and the situation continues to deteriorate. The top experts from the hospital couldn’t save it. Jin Junhua’s wife is also a doctor. In grief and acceptance, she and her family decided to donate Jin Junhua’s organs so that his life could be continued in others. On the morning of 5, Jin Junhua was identified as brain death. On the same day, all of his major organs, including the heart, liver, and kidneys, were removed. That night, 4 of his organs were transplanted to 4 patients. It is understood that Jin Junhua, two siblings, home in Shandong, Liaocheng rural areas, the family conditions are not good, he is through the loan to read the University and graduate students. In 2007, he graduated in Xiangyang, because the Xiangyang Central Hospital provides the settlement fee, can repay his university loan. He works carefully and patiently. He is very careful about the diagnosis and operation of the patient, especially the patient after the operation. He loves learning and loves life, and he is also very filial to his parents." Hu Qiangru, director of plastic surgery department of Xiangyang Central Hospital, evaluated Jin Junhua. "This poor family out from students, parents in old age, the youngest son was only 3 years old…… Today, his life is forever fixed at 36 years old, you did not leave, wish you all the way!" "I hope there is no car in heaven."!" In recent days, colleagues, patients in the circle of friends posting condolences, farewell Jin Junhua. (end)

湖北襄阳医生遇车祸脑死亡 捐献器官救4人(图)-中新网   中新网襄阳2月6日电(姚敏)5日,在与死神抗争19天后,湖北襄阳医生靳军华“走”了。但他捐献的4个脏器,却给4名重病患者带来新生。   现年36岁的靳军华是襄阳市中心医院医生。今年1月17日下午,他外出修电脑时,被醉酒司机撞至重度脑外伤昏迷。   襄阳市中心医院北区重症监护室主治医生李大伟介绍,靳军华被送来时已没有了呼吸意识,医院全力抢救,但17天过去他还是未能苏醒,且情况不断恶化。医院请来的顶尖专家,也无力挽回。   靳军华的妻子也是一名医生。在承受悲痛接受事实的同时,她和家人决定:捐献靳军华的器官,让他的生命在别人身上得到延续。   5日上午,靳军华被判定为脑死亡。当天,他全身可移植的主要器官,包括心脏、肝脏以及双侧肾脏均被取出。当晚,他的4个器官,先后移植给4名患者。   据了解,靳军华姐弟两人,老家在山东聊城农村,家庭条件并不好,他是靠贷款读完的大学和研究生。2007年硕士毕业他来到襄阳,是因为襄阳市中心医院提供的安家费,可以偿还他大学时的贷款。   “他工作细心、耐心,对病人的诊断、手术,尤其是病人术后的处理非常细致;他爱学习,也热爱生活,对父母也很孝顺。”襄阳市中心医院整形美容科主任胡强如是评价靳军华。   “这个从寒门走出的学子,父母已年迈,幼子仅3岁……今天他的生命永远定格在36岁,你不曾离开,愿你一路走好!”“希望天堂里没有车来车往!”连日来,同事、患者纷纷在朋友圈发文悼念、送别靳军华。(完)相关的主题文章: