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Hungry strong push spark plans to charge merchants refused businesses forced to stand under the hungry strong push "spark plan" refused businesses were forced to stand under the Chinese youth network in Beijing on 8 September, (intern reporter Li Yongpeng) recently, Nanjing Jiangning District, a university businesses broke the news to reporters, which settled the ordering platform hungry is carrying out a named "spark plan" activities, to the merchant fee. The platform claims that businesses can voluntarily participate, but in fact, no signed merchant will be closed, online payment, or even shelves. Who wasn’t signed forced to shut shop "spark plan" is hungry for settled business platform in turnover less than 3000 charge 5% "service fee", and hungry it will provide rankings and other measures for businesses. Ms. Wang told reporters, according to the business, the market manager at that time, Ms. Yan said, "if you do not sign, the mandatory closing shop."!". Second days, "fixed food" and other five households did not participate in the plan of online payment function was closed, and this information has also been confirmed by other businesses. During summer vacation, the regional manager communicates with the merchant. For businesses not only that, Ms. Wang also told reporters reflect, during the summer of 3 households business information is off the shelf, one of them is still not online business. Communication between regional managers and merchants during summer vacation. Merchants for the map reporters managed to contact the stores were stopped, merchants said: "stores in my unwitting circumstances were changed to transfer state.". (no longer display platform information, inform the customer service inquiries shop for the transfer of information display) "the owner told reporters that he has this reflects more than 4, 5 times, the customer service that will inform the sales manager, sales manager will be informed of the not included in customer service management. Source: China Youth Network into [Sina Financial shares] discussion

饿了么强推星火计划向商家收费 拒签商户强制下架   饿了么强推“星火计划” 拒签商户被强制下架   中国青年网北京9月8日电(实习记者 李永鹏)近日,南京江宁区某高校商家向记者爆料,其入驻的订餐平台饿了么正在推行一项名叫“星火计划”的活动,向商家收费。平台对外宣称商家可自愿参与,但实际上未签约的商户会被关闭线上支付甚至下架。   谁不签约就强制关店   “星火计划”是饿了么针对入驻平台的商家在营业额3000以内收取5%的“技术服务费”,而饿了么则会为商家提供排名提升等措施。   据商家王女士告诉记者,当时负责该区域的市场经理闫女士曾说“你们要是不签就强制关店!”。第二天“和定食”等五户未参与计划的商家在线支付功能就被关闭,而这一信息也得到了其他商家的证实。 暑假时期,区域经理与商户沟通截图。商家供图   不仅如此,王女士还向记者反映,暑假期间有3户商家的信息“被下架”,其中一家至今无法进行线上营业。 暑假时期的区域经理与商户沟通截图。 商家供图   记者设法联系上了被停店的商家,商家说:“店面在我不知情的情况下被改为转让状态。(平台信息不再显示,客服查询后告知店铺信息显示为转让)”店主告诉记者,为这事他已经反映了不止4、5次,客服说会通知销售经理解决,找销售经理就会被告知其不归属客服管理。来源:中国青年网 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: