Husband and wife 2 people raise money to buy drugs for 3 days more than 20 electric car theft luonv

Husband and wife 2 people raise money to buy drugs for 3 days more than 20 electric car theft original title: 3 days electric car theft of more than 20 Chinese daily news (reporter Ma Xinbin) to raise money, just 3 days time, Xingping a couple of drug addicts in the martial arts crazy theft of electric vehicles more than and 20. In October 12th, the "poison duck" all arrested, left a 7 year old child at home. During the national day, Wugong County Public Security Bureau Chengguan police station received a public warning that the car was stolen. After visiting the investigation, police investigators found that during the National Day area has a dozen electric vehicles stolen. Through the transfer of a large number of video surveillance, the police finally locked in Xingping a couple of Zhang and Kang for criminal suspects. October 4th at 2 pm, the police in the vicinity of the east gate of Wugong County Kang was arrested. October 12th, the police arrested zhang. According to the two account, a week before and after the national day, in order to raise money to buy drugs, a total of more than 20 theft of electric vehicles, the police have confirmed that the 11. Subsequently, the police rushed to the town of Xingping sang, Tang Fang and other towns, recovered 9 stolen electric vehicles. It is understood that the 37 year old Zhang and his wife Kang are Xingping people, two people are drug addicts, Zhang’s drug history of more than 20 years. Previously, the economic situation is one of the best couple in the village, but since after taking the drug, the day is a day than a day. Today, two people were arrested, leaving a child under the age of 7 at home. At present, two people were fighting jingfangxingju, the case is still under investigation. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: