Huzhou Nanxun 2 tons of stone long UN officials told protection (Figure)

Huzhou Nanxun 2 tons of stone long UN officials told protection (Figure) Huzhou block 2 ton long stone UN officials told the protection of the ancient town of Nanxun in Huzhou through the winding corridor little lotus manor, inscriptions, the first thing is the two big brand Fang yuci. After the baptism of wind and frost, although there has been some weathering, continue to do good deeds of the traditional family. The edge is already after 128 years of Liu’s family temple, and temple wall is relatively a half sitting semi upright stone lions, one kindly face, embrace the cub, naive; another head is austere, legend of "loving". The rare about 7.5 meters long, 0.4 meters wide and 0.25 meters high, the long stone between the Shishi temple, Front Gate Lang yanxia. Over the past hundred years, temple has become one of the major attractions of the little lotus manor, the original Liu family scattered all over the world. This long stone still stick to this, taste some time changes, since I stand. At least 20 people handling UN officials told the good protection from the outside, there is no difference between the stone and the long stone on the side. Granite material, not easy to weathering, beautiful color, color can be maintained for more than a hundred years, and high hardness, wear resistance characteristics of its achievements. After a preliminary calculation, the weight of nearly 2 tons of stone. Calculation of an adult man one carry 50 kilograms of goods according to the needs of 40 people to lift; according to the two person can lift 200 kilograms of goods, it also need at least 20 people. Liu’s temple was built in 1888, according to the current traffic level and the degree of mechanization, to complete the handling of such a long stone difficulty as can be imagined. So how was it transported? Reporters heard two versions. First, there were wooden carts. When the long stone ship into the partridge River from the town of South River now, docked at the shore, and then lift the stone lever principle into the prepared cart, transported to the temple before to keep step with. In an interview with the Nanxun Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd., a member of the Institute of literature after the old child, the reporter got another guess. He said, may be the largest "bowling", namely in the rocks under the mat logs, using transportation and installation of rolling logs, thereby reducing handling strength, improve the efficiency of transportation. No matter what kind of practice is possible, the precious stones can be imagined. So in 2013, the UNESCO official to visit Nanxun the Grande Canale inscription project, should be urged to protect this piece of stone. Huzhou is the longest stone in the Shaoxing area of origin may "this should be the longest and most complete extant stone." As the Liu Yong family members, family history of honor Liu, for the origin and influence of the stone, the old children have the right to speak. He told reporters, Liu ancestral home Shaoxing Shangyu, the Qing Dynasty emperor Kangxi two years (1663) 24 Liu Wenying to migrate to Nanxun to settle. Shaoxing mountain and Nanxun river stone production, plain, so long stone stone is likely to be from Shaoxing and other building materials shipped together. In 1888, Liu family’s main newspaper at that time相关的主题文章: