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In addition to Tyrande hearthstone may also be those skin — Sina hearthstone area in the last few days of the hearthstone update, the new pastor Tyrande is the pastor of skin, a new skin mage, hunter, warrior, knight, the shaman. Although the specific on-line time has not been announced, but it should come back. So what about the rest of the heroes, the warlock, Druid, and the thief’s new skin? As well as hearthstone may be out of those new skin? Thief: Vanessa Vanessa, 7, was washed off in the world of Warcraft II, and it is likely that the next candidate for the skin of the hearthstone thief will be Mr Vanessa, the man of the year, and then on the other side of the world, the world of Warcraft III, which is now known as the world wide web site. "" "" "" "." "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" – ". As for why? 1. Vanessa VanCleef is a woman, followed by VanCleef’s daughter, also is a well-known task, but also can interact with VanCleef (Blizzard is not the most playful eggs?). As for the new skin before so many people think that the thieves may be less likely to watch, but I think the warden, Maiev Shadowsong, although the catcher in Warcraft is also a well-known figure, but also many scenes, but Maiev Shadowsong, the disadvantage is that the helmet is in the way. Of course, if it is free. (but even if there were, Maiev Shadowsong skin, there is also a problem for many people) Hamuel: Druid Rune totem in the famous World of Warcraft Druid is relatively small, in addition to Vandall that Malfurion staghelm and tribal leader Hamuel Druid Rune totem, Vandall staghelm was made of orange card, if in order to go out is to repeat the heroes (like "light screw" is to avoid being Tucao) Hamuel Rune totem first have a little popularity, secondly, hearthstone present heroes are humans, orcs, elves, and night elves and a slithereen, Tauren has not yet appeared, Hamuel glyph of totem, is a good choice. Priest: old Grand Inquisitor White main stove stone should be black because of the most tragic hero, but because he is dirty outside, another point is that he is not a girl. With Tyrande, the priest’s skin may be a priest’s reputation. Grand Inquisitor White mine, world of Warcraft "bitches" but in the domestic well-known, raised my warrior, this line is also seen by many as propaganda minister Wang resurrection. As the skin must not lose. Paladin: Although Turajan Knight stove stone skin had girl Leah sister, but the quality of the skin is not high (all free). So another Turajan should be wrong. And there are rumors that Turajan will return in the World of Warcraft story. Interact with his wife Leah Aolei can also stone in the oven. As for the wizard, to tell the truth, not really known what the warlock NPC, Ner’zhul? The old Shaman is also an orc. In the world of Warcraft Warlock is known as the basic Gil Gardam, heavyweight BOSS, so make the skin a bit exaggerated. In the latest version of Warcraft, although the warlock occupation black sickle hall reconstruction of Parliament, but some members are not too famous. So the Warlock’s skin is estimated to be one thirty.相关的主题文章: