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To avoid a repeat of the extinction of dinosaurs and destiny of mankind should pay attention to the potentially dangerous asteroids in recent decades in Russia 65 million years ago the asteroid impact event collection, a 10 km diameter asteroid or comet collision in the territory of Mexico Yucatan peninsula. At present, experts warned that if we do not attach importance to the potential asteroid collision, it is likely that the earth will destroy the human extinction. Tencent space news according to the British Daily Mail reported that 65 million years ago a disaster on earth, a 10000 meters in diameter asteroid or comet collision in the Mexico Yucatan Peninsula, the collision is generally considered to be the main reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs. Scientists and engineers around the world began to detect and monitor the activities of the near Earth Asteroids, if necessary, will take appropriate measures to offset the asteroid may collide with the earth. At present, experts warned that if we do not attach importance to potential asteroid collisions, humans are likely to disappear. NASA is now setting up a Planetary Defense coordination office, the only task is to avoid the Earth Asteroid collision. Some people believe that we have now found all the potential threats to the near Earth Asteroids (resulting in the extinction of the asteroid asteroid level). But at present there are still many unexplored potential threats to small asteroids, 1908, the Tunguska event to Siberia 2000 square kilometers of forest razed to the ground, the asteroid diameter of only 50 meters, but we only found that the size of the number of 1% near earth objects (NEOs). Although the asteroid collision probability of the earth is very low, but if a large asteroid collision with the earth, will bring disaster. We know that some recent asteroid collision events, but we have found more evidence of asteroid collision in Earth’s history, the experts said that every 500 thousand years the Neos collision will lead to global ecological effects. Although scientists have been able to detect and track large asteroids, they have little control over their internal structures. Our understanding of asteroids is mainly due to the meteorite samples falling on the earth, but it is difficult to speculate on smaller asteroid samples, the overall structure and composition of the asteroid can not be understood. Based on the mineral composition, asteroids are divided into several types, but their internal structure is also potentially in several forms. Some may be crushed stones, which are combined by gravity and electrostatic fields. Others may be solid rock. For example: loose gravel asteroids collide, the rapid decomposition, but the small gravel is still dangerous, probably will form a particle cloud stone asteroid in earth orbit, will pose a deadly threat to spacecraft. Asteroid collisions are not the only threat to the destruction of human civilization, nuclear war, biochemical terrorist attacks and artificial intelligence are potentially devastating human. Some researchers believe that the probability of survival of humans by 2100 is likely to be 50%. Based on these potential threats, one of the things that we may be sure of is that we should spend more time using various resources to try to reduce these risks. (long compile)相关的主题文章: