In the British Museum master drawings will be large exhibition form in full

In the British Museum master drawings will be large exhibition form in full swing Cezanne made in 1890 about "Study of a Plaster Cupid" recently, the British Museum collection includes Cezanne, Durer, Bridget? Riley and Michelangelo are among the masters of the art elements to form large-scale tour masterpiece. First in the UK, first stop will be from September 3rd to November 6th in Poole museum. Michelangelo written in 1508-12 years, "sitting naked like" this important tour to British Museum as the core collection called "ideological lines", created by Michelangelo in the years 1508-12, "sitting naked" to contemporary Bridget · Riley’s sketch painting exhibition, the time span of almost all art history in the course of the five century. In a sense, this exhibition will not only sketch the history of the whole picture show, is British Museum prints and sketches the important collection of miniature — although the exhibition is just more than 5 pieces in the collection of extremely small part. In 1500 about Durer "Sketch for the winged figure of Fortune" no matter which city viewer decided to watch the exhibition, are hoping to see the great artists of ancient and modern history, the more life side, "such as Nemesis dvrer created during 1501-02 print masterpiece" (now hidden in the New York Metropolitan Museum) before use ink to draw the sketch version, it is in this sketch, people seem to be able to see traces and later Durer woodblock printing. Marie · Martin in 1965 "Sketch for Permutation series Julie Mehretu" in 2002 and "Untitled" Bridget · Riley in 1962 "Study for Blaze" the end of the first exhibition & Museum, the thought of "line" will also go to the Hull and Belfast tour, after will be launched overseas international tour. Source: artron.net相关的主题文章: