In the market downturn, how to farm

In the market downturn, how to farm profitability? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In the market downturn, how to farm profitability, has a relationship with the management. Aquaculture enterprises have two points: first, keep good; two is to reduce production costs. Do not have a good, and then the cost is not low; if you keep a good, high cost is also very troublesome. A layer of nutrition on the formula, the formula is not only the design of conventional design, and how to reduce production costs, that is how to reduce the cost of feed, how much can be reduced. Do feed is cost-effective, cost-effective is the number of this key. Changes in raw materials, formulations to change, the price is changing, the formula to change, this is in line with scientific standards and economic standards. (a) with chicken feed in addition to corn, wheat, soybean meal, fermented soybean meal can also add fish meal, plus 3% fish meal, fish meal 11000 yuan per ton, 20 protein, lysine level of 1.05, 2950 of the energy. Now the cost is 2837 yuan per ton. Once the lysine is enough, 2850 of the energy is enough. At present, the fermented soybean meal 4200 yuan per ton, 1750 yuan per ton of corn flour, 1600 yuan per ton, 1200 yuan per ton of wheat bran, soybean meal 2890 yuan per ton, see DDGS charging 3 points, imported DDGS1850 yuan per ton, 2000 yuan tons of sesame meal, feed 2.71, soybean oil added, should be said to be a ton of material the cost of 2000 yuan in 2800 yuan, so eat tons of material, the cost of chicken is indeed relatively high. (two) the young chicken recipe young chicken recipe: 16.5 protein, lysine level of 0.8, 2800 of the energy, corn powder, wheat bran, soybean meal, sesame meal, DDGS (imported), cost price is 2267 yuan per ton, 2100 yuan if the count, sure enough, because as the price of corn and other raw material prices down. (three) the formula of laying hens was composed of 16 protein, lysine level of 0.75, and the 2720 generation. To tell the truth, the metabolism of the feed can be taken away from the original general estimate of 2600 or 2650, now do it, has exceeded the standard of the. If we calculate the cost of 2000 yuan tons less, the formula used 40% wheat, 27% corn, wheat bran 10%, sesame meal, soybean oil and soybean meal basic need, so that the nutrition is enough on the line. There are two principles of design formula, one is scientific principle. It must be scientific, unscientific, to meet its nutritional needs, these indicators should be enough. Two is the economic principle. Economic principle is that some local agricultural and sideline products to use the raw materials, a lot of use. In the case of science, such as sesame meal inside a high methionine content, the use of a large number of cases of methionine, you have to lower the cost of many, this is the economic principle. Then the alcohol is bad, the alcohol is probably contain protein is 22~相关的主题文章: