Institutions 125 million rental housing prices over the past 20 years-vidown

Public rental housing 20 units over the price of rent for $125 million to rent for 20 years, these rents are sufficient to buy the rental property." Kunming citizens Chen Zhi (a pseudonym) recently said that the Kunming property rights management office is really "money more capricious, partial rent will not buy". Chen Zhi said that the office of the rental office for government procurement bidding procedures, the rental housing is the city of Kunming municipal housing security housing projects in the area of commercial housing. According to these claims, September 23rd, the staff of Kunming city housing transactions Property Management Office responded surging news that the company management and the management of Kunming city public rental lease rental is to belong to the market behavior; compliance funds disbursed, does not belong to the scope of government procurement; what is the final price of rent is higher than the bad comment. Business units to rental office 20 years of public information, Kunming city housing transactions property management office is the two affiliated institutions of Kunming city housing and Urban Construction Bureau; Kunming city public rental housing development and Construction Management Co. Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise, shareholders are investment in land development in Kunming City SASAC and the Kunming City Business Limited liability company. Chen Zhi provides a contract shows that in March 7, 2016, Kunming housing transactions and Property Management Office of Kunming public rental management company (lessor) signed a lease agreement. Under the agreement, Kunming city property management office rental housing transactions Ze Hui Park District 11, building 12, one or two, three and 13 storey podium building one or two storey podium, for office. The total area of 11598.55 square meters, the lease period of 20 years. Data figure Kunming housing transactions and Property Management Office of public rental companies signed contracts. The contract shows that the rents for $45 a month for 626 square meters, the annual rent of 20 yuan, the annual rent amounted to 1.25 million yuan, the back marked "the period of the lease, rent does not change". After surging news after the inquiry found that, in the pan Kunming property rights trading center for public listing announcement, Ze Hui Park area an area of 2602.57 square meters of a building facade in a year rent for 860 thousand yuan. According to this calculation, the rent is 27 yuan per square meter. A real estate developer told the surging news, Ze Hui Park District a price slightly high, two or three floors per square meter price is not more than 6000 yuan, the current price of about seven or eight million yuan 125 million yuan rent, enough to buy these houses. In addition, Chen Zhi and others believe that the institutions stationed in affordable housing, the use of commercial facilities as office space is wrong, "with the original service area residents shop, bank, postal and other living facilities, a business unit of office space". Rental funds with or without financial funds Kunming housing transactions property management office staff to the surging news confirmed that the lease contract provided by Chen Zhi is true. September 23rd, Kunming housing transactions property management office to send a message to the surging news. That said, the company and the Kunming Municipal Administration of public rental lease relationship belongs to market behavior, the two sides through full consultations, agreed to lease and rent standard lease conditions. Where is the independent institutions, the rental housing rent is in compliance.相关的主题文章: