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Marketing In the harsh economic climate of the modern world sometimes it is hard to make two ends meet. Many people around the world have discovered that since the price of precious metals, especially gold; have gone up that they can sell their old seldom worn jewellery as an option to survive tough financial times. The best solution in this growing industry of gold re-selling is found with the .pany Money4gold. There are many scams being perpetrated on good honest individuals due to the ever escalating price of gold in the UK market. The most .mon scams will actually be found at your local pawnshop. They will tell you your gold is not worth as much as it really is, or claim it does not weigh as much, etc. Even with the reputable pawn establishments they will severely undercut you on the price they grant for selling scrap gold to them. They must make a profit and gold is very profitable currently. As of, November 27, 2009 the price of gold was at over seven hundred pounds sterling for an individual ounce of gold. Given the history of gold and its sale, this means that while the price may fluctuate slightly it is unlike to drop that much in the next few years. Gold has always been the standard wealth of mighty nations. Its beauty and relative rarity have always made it valuable and as such that value rises to meet standard inflation issues with paper currency. In short, gold stays the standard worldwide while it ever more valuable in concurrence with the fluctuating value of the British pound. A few pieces of gold a thousand years ago could purchase the individual a plot of land, a horse, or a fine home. In some lands it would even purchase a husband or wife. In the modern era a few ounces of gold retains similar value. In some respects this even includes the acquisition of the aforementioned wife or husband. Pawnshops are readily available, but the savvy scrap gold seller will realize that selling scrap gold online is far more lucrative. Online institutions are able to pay more because they have less overhead to cover than a pawnshop or jewellery shop. Money 4 Gold has be.e the leader in this field given their consistent and fair payment policy .bined with swift and efficient service. They can give the best price for your scrap gold, because their in-house jewellery appraisers can determine the value of your precious scrap metal and give it an official stamp of approval. Once it is valued they ship you a cheque in accordance with the payment policy. They pay based on how much actual gold is in the jewellery piece and not its ornamental value. Unlike most other .panies they hold onto your jewellery for a pre-determined time while awaiting your decision as to whether the price they quoted is worth it for you to part with your scrap gold. 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