Is The New Health Care Reform A Positive Or Negative Change-ajviewer

Insurance Health care reform is .ing and what at the start looked like a good and affordable solution to the U.S. health care crisis is really starting to snowball out of control already and to think that we’re just about to enter year one of these changes. Will anyone even make it to 2014? Well, that’s something that we’ll simply have to wait and see about. The health care changes sound good; coverage for everybody the young, the sick, and individuals without insurance with policies being improved to remove pre-existing issues and lifetime maximum benefits. In theory, the changes seem to be sound however as the first round of changes starts to be executed the insurance .panies are placing the expense of these changes right into the face of customers. Consequently, just about everyone will be paying more for their health insurance in the .ing year. Even if you are okay with this in exchange for the benefits that you are getting from the changes, there are still several other issues that are worrying Americans and threaten the insurance industry and health care system as a whole. For example, one of the changes involves medical insurance for all children even if they are ill and presently without health insurance. A health insurance .pany can no longer deny these children health insurance but they see that bringing sick kids into the pool will cause a major increase across the board. As a result there are several health insurance agencies that will no longer hold child only insurance policies as they did in the past in order to avoid having the sick children .e to their .pany; a sad way to get around the new law. Some .panies have received a year extension from the government before being required to make the new adjustments, however the present trend indicates that many insurance .panies will be experiencing layoffs and may possibly be headed out of business over the few years. It is frightening to think that the current health plan will put more people out of work in an already struggling economy. One thing is for sure, there is some major fine-tuning and regrouping that needs to go on if ObamaCare even stands a chance of getting off the ground. And if it does get off the ground we are left to question if this will cause a downtrend of the insurance industry and if it does what will happen to not only our medical care but also to the total world economy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: