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I was in Japan and South Korea Co produced the film "Tyrannosaurus" "Conan" directed by time news network October 9th following "you look very delicious" and "love you forever" after forever, Japanese cartoonist Miyanishi Dachiya’s comic book series "my" Tyrannosaurus Rex will again be on the big screen. This named "Hello, oftirano" (my tyrano) of the animated film will be co produced in Japan and South korea. According to the 8 South Korea Association news, South Korea Mediacastle company on the evening of 8 in a Hotel Busan Haeundae held a "oftirano night" the introduction of project promotion. The exposure of this new anime film "Hello, production team and production status of oftirano". "Hello," according to the Japanese animation writer oftirano Miyanishi Dachiya’s comic book series "my" film adaptation of Tyrannosaurus rex. Although the appearance of cruel story, but never pulling and Tyrannosaurus hunting Pteranodons girls adventure story. The film is expected to meet with the audience in 2018. "I am" Tyrannosaurus comic series previously filmed "you look very delicious" and "love you forever" two big screen work, released in 2010 and 2015 respectively. The "hello" is the story of oftirano series third times by the film adaptation. Who directed "detective Conan 2011: silent 15 minutes" and "Conan" theater version of the Japanese director static paper featuring wild hole film director. South Korea’s Mediacastle and South Korea investment Partner, as well as China’s Beijing Resolution will participate in the production of investment. The day of the meeting recommended, the director also bring their billions of "new" your name "appeared, the film will be released in Korea in January next year.相关的主题文章: