Japan will convene a cabinet meeting to scrap the Monju reactor – Beijing-antik

Japan will convene a cabinet meeting to scrap the Monju reactor – Beijing, Beijing, September 20, according to Japanese media reports, the Japanese government will convene a nuclear related cabinet meeting in September 21st, the country’s Fukui Monju fast breeder reactor finalized "does not exclude the fundamental heap assessment" of this policy sure, the direction of waste heap. Reported that, due to the waste heap will great influence, considering the intention of Japan’s ruling party and the local Fukui Prefecture and so on, to make the final judgment in the year. "Monju" is Japan’s support for nuclear fuel recycling policy and investment of more than 1 trillion yen, or "dream" reactor will hardly put into operation without an end. Japan’s cabinet meeting will be held at 21 pm local time. The Japanese economy industry the Japanese Ministry of education Chief Cabinet Secretary Jian Yiwei, director of the "Monju" by Matsuno Hirohito, in charge of energy policy is the world farming Hiroshige et al will attend the meeting. Around the "Monju", there are obvious differences between the Japanese Ministry of economy calls for the resumption of operation of the Japanese Ministry of education and advocated the heap, the Japanese government coordination took a long time, is expected by the cabinet level meeting to finalize the policy in the future. The Japanese Ministry of education believes that in a fast reactor development process, "Monju" indispensable, emphasizes the significance of the restart. But the Department’s statistics show that the maintenance fee needs about 20 billion yen per year, and in order to deal with the new regulatory standards after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident in Tokyo, also need about 200 billion yen. Is expected to restart a total of about 580 billion yen. "Manjusri" has more than 1 trillion yen investment. It would be difficult to explain the significance of the existence of a large amount of money, which is being strengthened by the Japanese government and the ruling party. Therefore, the Japanese government in the year to "waste reactor" as the premise, finalized in the future of fast neutron reactor research policy. The Ministry said, "Chang Yang has test reactor (in Ibaraki county), and the French joint development demonstration reactor" ASTRID "to continue the research of fast neutron reactor.相关的主题文章: