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Japanese women love virtual love game, said the Japanese men are too shy, according to CNN reported on November 22nd, and now, the love game in Japan more and more favored by women. Tokyo’s Ayumi · Saito (miss Ayumi) found a good way to fill the gap left by the former left, that is, on the phone to download the application of love games. The 31 year old ITO (Ito) also found a virtual boyfriend in love "Metro PD: Close To You Mobile Games", can do all of her predecessors would not do. Ito said: "I’m lonely, a Japanese man was too shy, would not say sweet words. But women want to hear a man say ‘I love you’. Before he heard (virtual boyfriend) say sweet words, the fatigue of the day will be swept away." In Japan, women like Ms. Xi are not a minority. According to the global game market report, Japan has the world’s third largest hand travel market, hand travel sales in 2016 up to $6 billion 500 million (about RMB 44 billion 900 million). Voltage, a Japanese game company, has discovered a huge opportunity for a love game, and in 2006 released the company’s first female Dating Game App to meet the needs of female consumers. Now, Voltage is the world’s leading female love game company, service in Japan "female otaku" and other women desire to love. The company has 88 love games, the world has 50 million users (mostly women), but also in the United States and Europe issued some English version of the game. Women love the game is unique, each game in addition to the heroine, almost all male characters. Each game requires a player to choose the "love Raiders", and the intimate interaction of men and women in order to succeed, in order to maintain the human nature of the female players, the game will be a general response to the male samurai. Strong in appearance, and only the most popular male role for female players. Japan said this type of man is playfully type ", namely" man raisin". "We all want to love and be loved," said Voltage’s head. We will continue to provide a better service for the world’s desire for sweet women." 1980s, the virtual dating game first appeared in Japan, mainly for anime and beauty of the male lovers. In 1994, the Japanese game company a team of female programmers to break the tradition, the first issue for women love game "Angelique", this game is mainly looking for lover as a blonde girl, was released quickly spread success. There are two main types of love games. One is a private game, you can download for free, free reading prologue, but users need to pay $45 (about 310 yuan) to buy the next game level. Players who buy all of the game points can also be given extra romantic scenes. The other is a social game, the user can play a few hours a day free of charge, but you want to continue to play on the need to pay, players can also buy clothes;相关的主题文章: