JDI inability to raise funds independently, incj intends to transfer 50 billion yuan of financial ai barcarolle

JDI is unable to self financing, INCJ intends to aid 50 billion yen – Sohu technology Asahi Shimbun reported 5 Japanese officials and the public fund industry innovation Agency (INCJ) "is the final adjustment, consider the continued sluggish performance of small and medium size panel maker Japan Display Inc (JDI) to provide 50 billion yen aid. It is reported that INCJ will soon be finalized in the month of JDI’s financial aid, and the most likely scenario is JDI to INCJ as the object, the issuance of subordinated bonds to repay the lower limit. JDI is under the leadership of the Japanese government, the integration of Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba LCD panel business was founded in 2012, the company is currently the largest shareholder of JDI, holds about 36% stake in INCJ. According to reports, because more than half the proportion of revenues accounted for JDI of the United States Apple (Apple) iPhone sales, plus the LCD panel prices fell, leading to JDI performance continued to have severe, even 2 years into a loss of funds, has been unable to raise OLED, autonomous vehicle panel growth required in the field of investment, it is expected to improve by by the aid of INCJ credit, and take this (INCJ aid) for long-term financing bank. It is reported that the bank agreed to end JDI to provide long-term financing conditions is JDI must obtain INCJ aid, INCJ analysis, in order to fight against Samsung and other competitors and large investment, is necessary for JDI to aid. (by MoneyDJ news authorized Reprint) read: for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: