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Jiangxi 207 thousand workers chasing the wages of more than 1 billion yuan – Beijing, China News Agency, Nanchang, November 15 (reporter Wang Jian) Jiangxi Provincial Department of human resources and social security 15 news, this year 1-10 month, the province’s labor security supervision organs for 207 thousand workers recover wages and other treatment, the amount of over 1 billion 6 million yuan. According to reports, in order to implement the State Council on the overall management of migrant workers wages in arrears views, Jiangxi in July this year, the introduction of the relevant implementation opinions. The statistical data of Jiangxi province human resources and social security departments revealed that this year 1-9 month, the province’s labor security supervision agency received a total of labor disputes complaints 8044, down 59.1%; filing 7189, closed 7157, clearance rate of 99%. To supervise the employer timely and full payment of wages of migrant workers, to further strengthen the wage guarantee function of Jiangxi Province, the employer of the deduction of wages or behavior occurred in non engineering construction field, to pay the wage margin according to total wages of all of its migrant workers a month. In addition, the wage payment, the full implementation of Jiangxi bank to pay wages, works by not less than 10% of the funds directly to the wages of migrant workers deposit accounts, the source of prevention goal. It is understood that this year, 1-9 months, the relevant departments of Jiangxi Province, 51 cases were transferred to the judiciary, refused to pay the labor remuneration category transferred to the case of the 43, of which the police put on record 28. (end)相关的主题文章: